There needs to be more anco clothes. I cant find many good t shirts. I tried to create my own on one of those create your own shirt websites, using the carrots album cover, and the mpp cover, but they wouldnt make them because they are copywrited, which sucks.


  • every anco shirt out nowadayz has that stupid tailored american apparel fit. i may listen to "indie" music but i am no hipster! i wear what fits comfortably, and i say we must take a stand to tailored fits
  • Indeed we must, although some tailored T-shirts are nice (not on me)! I like the some what tailored t-shirts or just normal fitting ones (are those a thing anymore). I know a guy who dresses like a hipster and I always think he is one, but he really is just a nerd (kinda like me with my musical tastes and how i'm nerdy). I like Casual Button-up shirts, adidas t-shirts, sports t-shirts, and I wish i'd buy more sweaters and sweatshirts because they are perfect for Minnesotan Autumns. I wonder if this tour/album will have any cool T-shirts?
  • what the fuck is a tailored t-shirt?!?
  • Not a normal one.
  • They need to make a Brother Sports shirt with paint splattered and the animated creatures from the vid. I don't have AC apparell yet, but I have AC pins and I wish they were larger and more durable.
  • and what, pray tell, is a "normal" tshirt?
  • Terrortoast made MPP shooes
  • i made panda bear booty shorts! i wear them most of the day!
  • Now, THAT is the truth. I should know, I've seen him in them.
  • My panda bear shirt isn't fitted, but the keep T-shirt was very small for a Large. i wish they would make more of those MPP shirts!
  • bucket pants! :(|)
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