Your Favorite From Down There?



  • laughing hieroglyphic. the live version is fucking amazin,,<3
  • Laughing Hieroglyphic is a really emotional song for me since it is about loneliness and loss and trying to comfort people, the last one is really what gets me.
  • Elusive, Avey said he originally wanted Lucky 1 and Heather to be one song. So thats why they flow so well together.
  • Lucky 1 sounds a lot like a Panda song to me! The whole album is really great. I just bought it, and it really surprised me. I seriously dont get all the criticisms about the songs going nowhere. Favorite song is either Laughing Heiroglyphic or Ghost of Books. Theyve both been stuck in my head all day!
  • Heads Hammock all the way. QQ
  • oliver twist. I never knew the guy but the songs pretty good
  • Pretty good... pretty good!? Please sir, can I have some more... Avey Tare?
  • I think you're going a BIT too far, I want another Avey solo album, but I want it to be a mix between electronic and organic sounds, i'm thinking about an electronic folk album maybe, because Down There was mainly electronic and I want a newer sound on this next Avey album.
  • actually i didnt mean that i meant like the way it's laid out/written. i dont really know what i meant. if by electronic folk you mean something like call home (buy grapes) then i humbly agree with you
  • I'm happy to wait patiently for the type of solo he wants to release. Honestly, he could to collaboration with Nicki Minaj and I'd still gobble it up.
  • Yeah Tikey, CH(BG) came to mind, that and some of the stuff on Feels, HCTI, and Sung Tongs. I don't think we will get a Avey release soon though, i'm guessing it will never happen or it will be one of the last AC-related releases.
  • the first one came out of damn nowhere so i can only assume the last one will come out of somewhere! some WHEN! and only then... i like how avey really showed up panda! ... panda saying in like jan of 2010 his album would be out in september and even THAT seemed like quite the wait but it was all LIES! then avey shows up and says oh hey i got an album too and it's coming out in like a month blam! take THAT panda! deeks is being way too damn slow! all the momentum is DEAD! should have been an early 2012 release at the very latest NOW what the hell will happen? no body knows!
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    I bet Deak will release it after Centipede and it will get lost in the wildfire. Or get really big because of the fire Centipede brings, sort of like Tomboy and Down There to a greater degree.
  • Man, I'm completely in love with "Ghost of books" and "Laughing Hieroglyphic" You know what would be awesome? If Avey released a live album from his solo tour. I was so bummed out after he played his last song, quickly going to his mic and saying "Thanks". Haha, man I visit that night in my mind way too often.
  • i thought he was going to do a live EP of all the new songs... which is... odd... i'd rather have studio versions of songs and if a live thing why not the whole she-bang? what the damn actual hell avey! yr making me crazy!
  • Received this through the post a few days ago. First impressions: - Much likage =) - It's very ODDSAC in a lot of places, certainly no bad thing - Every time Laughing Hieroglyphic gets going I'm expecting him to sing "A peace bone got found in a dinosaur wing" ! Don't have a favorite yet, only heard it thrice
  • We already know it's Cemetary. Don't worry man, we feel you.
  • The first time that really deep voice sample is played in Cemetary i always crack up!
  • Cemetaries is now my favorite off Down there! (Clawed: *yay!) It just is so atmospheric and so chilling and so...Avey. I love it so much!
  • i love cemetaries alot. but really, oliver twist is just amazing. seriously, 0:17 - 0:48 is one of avey's best musical moments
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    Well, since I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Down There, Cemetaries is like a 9.99 and Oliver Twist is like a 9.97. Both are some of my favorite tunes ever. My favorite part about Oliver twist are the lyrics and how they are sung with all of the samples hitting at certain times to make the song just go up and down (that's how I see it in my mind). "He saw what he would look in the rock and see what was in there, and I guess that day he saw a skull, one of his dark days.) Oh when I look out the door of my lean-to. I want another green room from my other room. Should I pull up the phone on my kitchen? So I can feel the dark in while I’m doing all my dishes. To live in a house that is breathing, is a luxury when you understand its meaning. But in the bitty-b-box, am I dreaming? A galaxy of stars above our ceiling. In my eyes is an understanding of what I see Its hard to think about the time it takes to get from space to me. (And then everyone) And everyone I would ever know wondering what I should be. And then there’s the thinking and I led me to thinking Of the many dirty pennies Different ocean Not of the kind of stick you wanna get stuck inside the ocean. City grime It’s hard to sit myself down rather than just think about the ocean (Ocean) Why I’m crying Shouldn’t I be content with what I’ve got when I see dimes? And not enough Cause I picked something that I enjoy with. I acquire. And I wonder if its me Who’s just a thief who’s taking a stash of books in the grass. Digging a hole and digging it deep. (And dig for a while) You’ll dig for a while Cause you’ll never know when I plant the seed. And it left us to thinking, it led me thinking of the many dirty pennies. (It’s going to be a good night tonight; it’s going to be a fine day tomorrow) If I had some kind of need, everything I need is the thing I’ve got. And if I look inside of me you’ll find the thing what gets me to the brock (???). And I know that there are needy, some are good Yeah, but some are rotten. Why should I motivate my needs when I know my needs should be forgotten."
  • The "if i had some kind of need" part at the end of the song really makes it for me
  • Well that is a great part indeed, especially right when the bass hits when he says "and I know " the first couple times around.
  • After a couple more listens Down There is going from good to something really special :D I love listening to solo albums like these because you really get a feel for what the individuals contribute towards the AnCo albums.
  • Right now my favorite is ghost of books. I love "I ran away to a ghost town, it felt like a perfect dream. I grabbed a hold of two ghosts and" and get the idea.
  • "you're so beutiful when you can't hear me"
  • Great song, underrated. Probably my fourth favourite.
  • when it comes to down there, oliver twist is the best, and then cemetaries, then every other song is equally special imo
  • I think Shudderfraud is the best song.
  • The whole album is my favourite song! (yes, it was so worth you opening this thread to read my lousy comment! ha!)
  • Slow Words!!
  • I love Oliver twist, makes me wanna DANSE! Ghost of books is great. I love the opening. I also love the dialogue/lyrics of Glass Bottom Boat. Reminds me of waking life for some reason.
  • Yeah Curses, this album is just too hard to pick a favorite from. I mean, I can narrow it down to 3-4 songs, but it would be onfair to put one in front of another.
  • My all time favorite is undoubtedly ghost of books. That needle drop dude reviewed this and all he got out of the album lyrically with Heather in the hospital. He only get's the concrete lyrics that you don't need to interprit or feel like "am I really all the things that are outside of me" WOWWWW MIND BLOWERR!!!! It suprises me that he likes them so much if he only scratches the surface. I do love their...not political... but societal statements???... but my favorite lyrics are the ones you just feel the meaning of.
  • my favorite is, well, my user name
  • Right now I'm going with Heads Hammock.
  • [quote=OakenCipher]Right now I'm going with Heads Hammock.[/quote] Heads Hammock is excellent. When those female vocals kick in, it just goes to another level entirely. And I love how HITH bleeds into Lucky 1. I've really, really been feeling this album lately. More than any of Panda Bear's albums, I think! It just is that good. :-$
  • I've been listening to the Knitting Factory boot a lot recently. I prefer the live version of 3 Umbrellas to the studio version, mainly because of the percussion. Also, Slow Words is sooo good. If you havent heard it yet check it out!
  • glass bottom boat into ghost of books is soooo good.
  • lol, the knitting factory. during photographs that one dude is yelling "STREET FLASH!" and I'm like " yeah because he can just change the samples in the box"
  • slow words is amazing
  • oh yeah that one guy also yells Alvin Row i think
  • I love when the band is like "we cant do that one" when theyre taking suggestions
  • when do they ever take suggestions?
  • they make it seem like theyre taking suggestions in the break/encore thing, it happens in a couple boots around 2007
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