Best and Worst Song To Introduce Someone to AnCo?

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I was listening to Strawberry Jam again, and on For Reverend Green I was thinking - if I show this to someone who doesn't know me well, they may never speak to me again. So what do you guys think would be the best and worst songs to ease someone into AnCo? I'm sticking with Fireworks as the best, and FRG as the worst. P.S Anyone ever heard of Orange Twin Field Works (Vol. 1), by Jeff Mangum? It's absolutely fascinating in concept and as a listen. [IMG][/IMG]


  • For me the best song to show someone is Summertime Clothes, and the worst is Anything off Danse. Sorry Danse!
  • I actual wonder if Honeycomb might be the best starter. Can't think of anything more inappropriate than Untitled from STG!
  • For Reverend Green is the first AC song I ever heard and it hooked me like a HARPOON!
  • Yeah, I found Rev Green very appealing when I was starting out.
  • ..but I know what you mean Mzrokkks; it is bonkers and likely to scare someone who isn't ready for it!
  • For Reverend Green is what got me to get my friend to like AC (but she loves screamo soooo.... yeah) Best: for most people it would be Brother Sport. Its the only AC song my family deals with or likes. WORST: Bees or Lablakely Dress. The first time I heard those I have never been most disturbed by anything in my life.
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    I think Daily Routine might do it for the best. I think Cuckoo Cuckoo'll work for certain people. Mine was Did You See the Words? because I decided it was time to hear Animal Collective and I bought Feels blindly. (Deafly?) Worst--hmmm hell I don't like to speculate about this, but it's gotta be something from Danse or Hollin
  • i think best is legitimately anything off of MPP. specifically in the flowers, bluish, and brother sort. oh, and Taste. Taste has that classic hipster/indie/onlyownonesongfromeveryartist sound. worst is probably untitled, queen in my pictures and infant dressing table. and i cant believe no ones mentioned TTG!
  • Oh yeah I forgot about TTG! And Panic would definately turn people off to AC.
  • Did you see the words is good one i think or In The Flowers
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    and of course Fireworks! people don't seem to like #1 at least not anybody i know
  • This inspired me to listen to SJ again. I only know the names of some of the songs, because, well, I guess I was raised on albums. So this song comes on that I always turn off if possible and I decide to look at the track list, and it was #1. Ha.
  • Yeah, I would say summertime clothes as the best to start out. Then the worst would have to be untitled for sure. It might be too much for a first listen for many people.
  • untitled can be too much even for hardcore AC fans. i really only enjoy it in the context of the album
  • I forgot about Hollin! Danse is more tolerable for people than Hollin, mainly because I never liked Hollin! So never have someone listen to Hollin! Hollininininininininigaininin!
  • to me hollin is just a cool live performance. nothing more than that. i like it more with every listen, and i LOVE there's an arrow
  • I think Ark would be pretty bad for beginners.
  • really? i feel like the added vocals make HCTI worse than Ark for beginners
  • I love the reactions i get when i show people We Tigers!
  • I showed this guy Oliver Twist... it was so awkward. I was like want to hear a weird song? After he listened to it he was just gave me an awkward nod.
  • I think Gotham or anything off of MPP, FBK, and SJ would be a good way to start.
  • i think forrest gospel is probs the worst for starters best for starters would be brosport or who could win a rabbit i usually start with panda bear though. it goes over a little easier than full blown anco.
  • Graze is a great song to start someone off
  • idk, i feel like it takes a little too long for the flute to kick in and by that time the newb will have labeled it boring/bad already.
  • Yeah I agree with Ty, its the same for What Would I Want? Sky. Newbies sadden me at times.
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    I think it stems from the closed-mindedness of people. It also could be that a lot of people don't want to change...or AC is just not for them. But WWIWS and Graze are both great songs to show a person who likes indie/alternative but not AC.
  • the fist to hit me was bluish. I have this problem a lot. I typically show songs that arent good to start with. Honeycomb, gotham, keep ep, those are good i think. some songs off of spirit, fireworks, my gurls???
  • i showed my friends april and the phantom and it was by far the worst reaction ive gotten from my friends concerning AC
  • When i showed my friend Graze he was really digging the slow part, and when the flute came in he just went crazy! Same with WWIW?S. And I kind of look at We Tigers as a litmus test for whoever im introducing AC to. If they dont enjoy that, then i just dont bother with them anymore, lol
  • What is the best litmus test for AC is? I'd say these 4 songs: Fireworks, Summertime Clothes, Did You See The Words?, and Winters Love.
  • replace DYSTW with brother sport and we've got a deal
  • YES^ But SC could be replaced with Bluish.
  • i got an ok reaction from wwiw?sky! but ima try graze next time. good ider rider. i got bad reactions from brothersport. they say "this sounds mexican"...wth?
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    Double post! :(
  • Im curious about mexican music now... I think the main problem with Brothersport is that newbs would call it out for being repetitive. And that part in the middle without the vocals where its building up to the climax might be too long for some people.. Haha i just remembered someone telling me tht leaf house sounded Indian! Now thats wierd!
  • its not long enough.
  • I'm just going from what i've seen. People don't react well to Brosport because of the middle part and Bluish doesn't have that catchiness like Summertime. In my opinion Summertime Clothes is the best AC song to show someone because of how simple and how easy it is to listen to.
  • my girlfriend said it takes to long for the song to get going. Im like wtf??? Is it even a minute? Most songs are given a minute grace period to dick around before the lyrics come in righT>???
  • I think the extreme to that rule would be some prog rock song or a song by LCD Soundsystem. I think it is pretty dumb for someone to say that a song has to start with lyrics and what not. Dick, dick, dick, dick around!
  • Summertime Clothes takes like 30 seconds! Wow... Grass, Tikwid, and Water Curses are catchy songs that start right away, i can imagine those would be good songs to show people.
  • For Reverend Green was the first track I heard. I didn't really pay attention to it much, but about a week after hearing it, I heard it as the introduction to the movie "dead girl". After that, I started exploring and fell in love. Aside from that, though, I would think the best song to introduce someone with would be The Purple Bottle, and the worst being Panic.
  • I showed a girl the Purple Bottle, and she was like "TURN IT OFF! HE'S SINGING TOO QUICKLY!" :(|) I mean, come on!
  • Yeah, that would piss me off, too.
  • that repeetitive part in brosport is the best. i absolutely love it. also thats awesome someone said leaf house sounded indian
  • Someone said to me that Tomboy sounded African, which makes more sense than calling Leaf House indian, but still, Panda doesn't sound African at all plus tribes usually aren't soaked in reverb.
  • Person Pitch at times sounded Indian, especially Good Girls/Carrots. We Tigers sounds the closest to an Indian tribal beat in my opinon.
  • Wait, I thought we were talking India Indians not native North Americans, because Good Girl sounds like music form India.
  • I was thinking Indians too, I was taught to refer to them as Native Americans.
  • I meant India Indians for Person Pitch, but Native Americans for We Tigers.
  • I can't quite figure out what it is, but person pitch has a general feel/ sound to it that reminds me of something.... Same with when I listen to anana's symphony, which was sampled in carrots
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