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So I looked and we don't have a topic specifically devoted to Feels. So here it is. Its really inspired by an article/interview I read. It was posted somewhere on Collected Animals and I thought you guys would enjoy it to. I thought it was pretty fantastic, and its obviously around the Feels era. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://prod1.cmj.com/articles/display_article.php?id=6547238">http://prod1.cmj.com/articles/display_a ... id=6547238</a><!-- m -->


  • cool interview. i like how they said that looking too deeply in to a band is counterproductive to enjoying the music, because music really is all about the listeners interpretation.
  • i wanted to bump this
  • not really FEELSing this!~ you feel me?
  • no, not really. im not FEELSing you. in fact im getting a bad vibe from you and youre hurting my FEELSings
  • to BEE honest i'm not really FEELSing it! b-side matieral at best! best BEST!
  • wait, seriously? ive never heard of someone not liking feels
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    I was listening to Feels again, going through various songs, and Grass is just fantastic. Wow. Wow. I really like MPP, but I think I may just love Feels.
  • Feels was the first AC album I ever listened to all the way through. I LOVE FEELS BAHHHHHH
  • I like Feels but not as much as other AC albums. Its the only AC album I have gotten sick of. I have listened to MPP, SJ and ST almost every day for 8 months and I am not tired of them yet. It may be because the lyrics are not as pertinent to me, as with other AC albums. I dont feel Feels.
  • i cant get sick of feels, too much variety! now SJ, i cant handle that more than once every like 2 weeks
  • I actually think SJ and Feels are my two favourite albums right now. I love them both.
  • When I listen to SJ I usually listen to FRG and Fireworks, because they are close to my favorite AC songs. Though I listen to other AC albums such as MPP, STGSTV and ST almost everyday and I am yet to tire of them. I am not sure what you mean by variety Ty, I think that Feels has as much variety as SJ. Unless, you are referring to the overall "emotional effect" because I agree because Feels does convey a lot of different Feelsings.
  • every sj song has the same vibe, while feels is far from that. for example, purple bottle transitioning into bees
  • (Just FYI, G.O. will always be honest but it never means he thinks you should not think/feel what you think/feel. It isn't a judgmental thing. It's just his opinion, man.) Feels is an amalgamation to me- it's not as "cohesive" as SJ but it wasn't meant to be "album rock' anyways! MPP is def. album rock.
  • I love Feels: it was my first album of Animal Collective and started the chain of getting everything I can get my hands on from them. I've had it on repeat for the last day or so in my car, too, and it always takes me back to when I first heard it--the day becomes akin to those days, the sounds bring back the sensual memories of those days. That's a good thing. Although I have to say the strangeness (by which I mean the newness) of it has faded a bit, but I can invoke it by focusing on trying to hear it for the first time again. "Those days" weren't that long ago: it's only been about a year.
  • "every sj song has the same vibe" what!
  • That one confuses me as well.
  • please to cut slack for Tike
  • When does Ghosty get the slack? NEVER. Erk, my coffee is cold.
  • I love Feels! Why? For me the drumming and percussion on Feels is so real and so lively (especially on Purple Bottle and DYSTW). This album also has it's more chill songs which are placed perfectly in my opinion, it gives a vibe of the album unlike other AC albums which seem to attack your ears, Feels tends to relax my ears (a good relaxing, not boring). The themes of this album and lyrics are a plus for me, after singing them for a while I get all the Feelsings that I need, and I listen to Feels not that often but I still manage to love it. In my opinion the frequency in which I listen to an album has little to do with how much I love said album.
  • I can kinda see what Ty is saying about SJ songs having the same vibe. there is not the same variety of feelings as in Feels as in SJ, but that is why Feels is called Feels. I almost never get sick of AC, but I find myself getting sick of Feels. It may be because I dont have the same memories attached to Feels as with other AC albums. The first time I heard MPP, was the first time I heard/fell in love with AC. The other songs off of other AC albums I fell in love with individually, not as much with Feels. I have no memories associated with Feels.
  • i have a very emotional connection with feels simply because Grass pulled me out of a mini-deppresion and compelled me to look into their other stuff
  • maybe replace flesh canoe and daffy duck with ficko syko and tikwid and you'd be half way there! the album would have been SO much more upbeat/ fun then!
  • Once again, your brilliance shines
  • Tikwid definetly should have been on Feels instead of Flesh Canoe or Daffy Duck, and maybe they could have stuck Fickle Cycle on the album without removing another song. I like Flesh Canoe and Daffy Duck too much NOW to say that they shouldn't have been on the actual album.
  • What I need (boom chicka boom) is good adive (boom chicka boom) Cooked on plates (boom tsi boom tsi)
  • ewww flesh canoe eww canoe of flesh that bears you across the waters to heaven.... hmm.
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    Flesh Canoe iz vunderfull. I lurve ze image of ze people ze making funny faces in ze mirror of ze bathroom. I vant to do that zomtime.
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    I think Flesh Canoe is my favorite song off of Feels. I love the imagery and the feeling.
  • Narnie, that is a wonderful part of love...it Feels amazing.
  • Once I read an interpretation of what Flesh Canoe means, I could never unthink it. Sounds weird coming from Avey.
  • Think of the words FLESH, human skin, and CANOE, a small boat shaped like a trough. It explains itself.
  • Just wanted to say that Feels is one of my favorite things ever alongside Kid A and Age of Adz. I even got my friend into Animal Collective with this album!
  • Welcome to the board Elusive! Please feel free to start new threads and resurrect old ones! Ziggster is also from Houston and while I realize it is a large city, maybe you know the same people/bands/areas.
  • Thanks a lot! Im actually not from Houston, lol! I just really love the ending of Bat You'll Fly!
  • I have a flesh canoe.
  • Age of Adz deserves it's own thread! I'll going to make it happen!
  • Do it. Do it. I think I should save my comments until you start it. I'll be waiting.
  • Oh, you're not from Houston, Elusive? [img]http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/6/60171/1754886-forever_alone_icon.png[/img] Haha, jk. Welcome to the boards! Feels probably took the longest for me to get into. But I do love it now.
  • I feel really bad about my username now :( I shouldve done "april's phantom" or "row alvin"! Or maybe something unrelated to spirit, idk.
  • Well, there's a Houston county in Georgia, where I am. And there's Houston Street in New York, from which the term Soho' is derived. Both of which are pronounced HOW stun. Let's pretend those are the Howstuns in which you are elusive.
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    Elowsive. Elowsive in Howstun.
  • Im elusive in toronto, tbh, but i dont really like the sound of that. But we can always pretend!
  • we were fated to pretend! howstunning! make sure to send it to ron too!
  • hugh... stan... we have a bra-blem! ish
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