AC album cover ever "ruined" music for you?

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well, not ruined, but have you ever felt one of their covers dont reflect the music? the only time i've felt this is with feels. i dont like to imagine the purple on the cover while listening


  • the sung tongs one never fit with the music for me sometimes i almost think of the INDIAN cover more for sung? which makes sense! the sun! nature! i think the rabbit vid is a big part of it too i dug the video still used for the rabbit single cover IT FITS!
  • and not that it'd fit with the music all that much but i think the deep sea diver as a cover would have been MUCH cooler than the fake goptical illusion for PMPP!
  • i love the sung tongs cover! also i use the SGTSTV/DM combo CD cover for just DM
  • i HATE it! i mean what even is it (REALLY!) it just don't fit! we must a-quit! / EQUIP!
  • The covers definitely effect the way I think about the songs. I usually reflect the song's "colors" on those of the album art without realizing it. Honeycomb and Gotham's album cover is perfect. And thanks for that Geo interview link Tic. It's really good.
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    Yes the interview was prety good Tic. As for covers, I think Tomboy's cover kinda made me think Tomboy is bland because of the cover, and whenever I listen to Tomboy all I can see and hear are black and white.
  • I feel that made me enjoy tomboy more
  • First time I listened through MPP, I thought it sounded too simple and predictable, only later realizing it was having seen the optical illusion cover and thinking that it was a far cry from all the awesome, detailed covers that came before it. After many listens I came to hear the depth and fell in love with MPP, but the simplicity of that cover definitely had an impact on me from the start.
  • Well i always think of AC as a colourful band, which is why im not a fan of Tomboy's black and white cover. Peacefish put it perfectly
  • Thank you, but the music to Tomboy is also more black and white for me. So I don't really know what to say about that, maybe that the cover DID make me think the album was a bit grey, anyways I still love the album no matter what colors the cover may be.
  • jeez all you Canadians and such
  • The Peacebone EP... God, that color scheme is just so... BLECH.
  • ha! it kind of IS like puppy guts! space mushrooms / the swing ride at the fair!
  • I feel you ticon on the purple with feels, sometimes it seems like it doesn't really fit the theme of the album. I can understand it though because they probably wanted purple for a reason.
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    The Purple Bottle maybe? Plus, isn't it more of a magenta instead of a bluish purple?
  • sort of a blush-green! violet... container! both the violins and the violence cannot contain her!
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    I don't really get how album art could ruin an album for someone, I can understand if you think it doesn't match the music well but to me music is music. I don't even care about the lyrics as long as the vocals sound good. I get that good lyrics and a good album cover enhance the music, but I don't get how they detract from them.
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    Well SOME lyrics can ruin music, and I do mean lyrics not vocals, but album art is pretty hard to ruin music. Even though Odd Blood had some terrible Album cover I still enjoyed parts of that album a lot.
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    Can you give me some examples Fisheh or anyone else of music ruined by lyrics (but not by vocals)?
  • I can't think of any by AC directly, and these are incredibly non-hipster examples, but: nine inch nails' "the perfect drug": that damn "stupid-eyed" lyric. great song, great music, the video is amazing (i do love edward gorey though...), the vocal is perfect, but that fucking lyric makes me want to arrrrrrgh. metallica's return to not-sucking was actually not bad, but there's a song where the lyric goes "what don't kill you makes you more strong", which he's fucking up a QUOTE, using the right word "stronger" would fit the rhyme and meter better and I just want to sit that guy down and give him remedial English lessons.
  • I mean, I guess I can't ask for examples of lyrics ruining songs because for me lyrics can't ever ruin songs. Your commented made me realize that Yukbon.
  • for me it's like a burr, were *this* close to being amazing and instead you said The Wrong Thing and now I'm no longer listening to the song, I'm thinking about what a bad lyricist the song writer is.
  • Haha, well, I guess it's a blessing for me then. If there's any artist that would make me like that it would be Trent Reznor. BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS almost as subtle as RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
  • "for me it's like a burr, were *this* close to being amazing and instead you said The Wrong Thing and now I'm no longer listening to the song, I'm thinking about what a bad lyricist the song writer is". This is SO true Yukbon! I mean it doesn't happen often for me, but I think it is because I really listen to lyrics since i'm more of that kind of listener. I really don't know why, but lyrics always attract me to music and if the lyrics are really off, then I will probably be put off the whole song.
  • It's the same way for me too, Peacey, with lyrics. The lyrics are the basis for the mood of the song, and the music and lyrics should somehow balance off of eachother or else the song is ruined for me. Fortunately, AC has the best lyrics. They also help to specify the atmosphere of the song and to understand the thoughts and feelings of the lyricist which, to me, is important. I can't stand artists don't write their own music, it almost physically sickens me.
  • I dunno, to me most lyrics just kind of drift in and out of my head, as long as the tone is correct they could be saying "I like to rape trees" and I would be totally fine with it (although perplexed if I actually got around to reading the lyrics). Especially foreign music like Sigur Ros or AIR (when they sing in French), you have to rely entirely on how they singing it rather than what they're singing. I mean, hell, even Icelandic people don't know what Sigur Ros is ssaying, Jonsi's just kind of moaning going EEEEYyyyyyooooooooooooo! On some tracks Thom Yorke may was well be singing in a different language cause I have no clue what he's singing.
  • I didn't word what I said very well (I blame it on lack or sleep combined with illness causing delusion). I really love the lyrics to songs, especially AC songs. I know many times it is hard to understand what they are singing, and I usually fall in love with the sound of the music upon first listen. Although, the bands that I tend so end up loving have great lyrics imo. I love practically all AC songs, but there have been instances of when I didn't like a song but, upon hearing the lyrics I love and "understand" the song. Even just knowing part of the lyrics help to understand a song. I hated AC for over a year, before I read the lyrics to Bluish and fell in love with AC. Even the way the lyrics are manipulated (with vocal effects) are meaningful! The lack of sincere lyrics is the MAIN reason I hate mainstream music, besides the fact that it sucks.
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    Ohh man Radiohead's lyrics are so great, you really shouldn't be missing out on them, claude. Lyrics are important for me though, maybe that's why i dislike Sigu Ros so much. It's not Jonsi's singing or the music itself, its that the the noises he makes just sound fucking stupid. There's this one song where he goes "achooooooo achooooooo" in the chorus, and i just can't not think of sneezing when i listen to it. So i dont listen to it. It's the first song that's not called intro on Agaetis Byrjun, i believe
  • You hate mainstream music, Narny? All of it? I mostly kidding Suf, but he is hard to understand a lot of the time, especially in Kid A. Huh, that's funny what you said about Sigur Ros, I always heard "tye-hoooo" instead of "achoo". It does sound like sneezing though if I think about it, I never have in the past though.
  • vesufius, i think you're talking about svefn-g-englar (or whatever the title is) and claude is talking about the entirity of the () album I loved agaetis byrjun, and i can't stand () precisely because the only lyric on it is just that one bloody sound. i always hear it as "it's you". it's like the world's most obnoxious joke.
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    I was talking about Svefn-g-englar but it also applies to (). I like this quote from NPR, "Sung in a vaguely Scandinavian language of his own devising — he makes the sound "fyooooo" often enough that it might just mean "love" — the Icelandic band's songs are engrossingly strange, but always accessibly pretty." Ehehehehe I say all this not to mean I don't care about lyrics, just they aren't as important to me as the instrumentals and vocals. If they're good I don't need good lyrics, but it's certainly an added bonus. I think the lyrics I've been most profoundly impacted by is Wild Nothings' song Live in Dreams just cause that's exactly how I was feeling at the time.
  • Yeah, I pretty much can't stand mainstream music, but I should probably rephrase myself. I like popular bands that are not from this generation such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles. There are a few exceptions from this generation too, such as MGMT, Vampire Weekend and Kanye West. Though that's it. Most mainstream music is bleh, because many times to become mainstream one must "sellout", and that really bothers me.
  • its funny with mgmt cause their worst songs were the ones that became mainstream
  • Electric Feel is not that bad imo, but Kids on the other hand...
  • i never thought of Electric feel as mainstream. i love that song. although, i cant stand Kids or Pretend Time
  • I think Electric Feel is there most mainstream song. A couple times I have been watching television and have heard is being played in the background or something. It usually the only MGMT song I can get my friends to like. In my opinion, it epitomizes the neo-hippie fad which has emerged today. I used to like Kids but I heard it being played so much, and I realized how overrated it is. Time to Pretend is "bleh". My favorites would have to be Flash Delirum and It's Working.
  • Congratulations is ion's better than oracular spectacular
  • Yes, I agree completely.
  • their two best songs are Time 2 Pretend and KIDS! esp. KIDS! by far their best song! but that was the fall of 2007 i can see why by 2009 it felt pretty damn played out! but that can't take away! nothing on congrats could approach... those 2 songs! NO THING!!
  • let's not even talk about Glitter Penis!
  • I agree that almost any song that is overplayed can make a song less awesome, but regardless, I still like Kids and Thyme 2 Pretend just as much as It's Working and the rest of Congradulations. As albums, OS had nothing on Congradualations but then again, it's only my opinion.
  • of which you opine! as we all damn dine ON FINE WINE!
  • It's a fine time for that Fine Thyme Wine!!
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