What's your current grower album?

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Some albums I listen to which I like hit me immidiately (such as Raise The Dead by Phantom Planet, excellent alt. rock record, which sucker-punched me like Mike Tyson at his best. Also, Loveless.) Then there are the (in)famous grower albums. What I'm asking is what's your current grower, the album you don't fully understand/like/appreciate but you're going back to it a few times, because you know it'll hit you eventually? Mine right now is the indie rock standard In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. The praise it has gotten, and the heights it has risen to in the world of indie music, are frankly astonishing (unintended pun!) I love a lot of things about it - the surreal cover, the surreal band name, the fact it's kinda sorta a concept album, but I'm not sure I GET IT. How could I go about this? [IMG]http://stereogum.com/img/in_the_aeroplane-turns_ten.jpg[/IMG] What about you guys?


  • My most recent grower album was Just Another Diamond Day by Vashti Bunyan. At first it seemed like a weak folk effort, but the more I listened the more I got entranced by her gentle wispy voice and magnificent string and woodwind arrangements - not to mention her sturdy skill as a guitarist. One album that took me a long time to get into was Vecktimest by Grizzy Bear strangely. Took me forever, I have no clue why. For the longest time all I listened to on that album was the opening track Southern Point, then I got addicted to Two Weeks, and then finally the rest of the album. I think most of my favourite albums took me a while to like.
  • Beaches and Canyons took a second to hit me, but when it did I couldn't get enough. Such an amazing album, I wish that one guy was still with them. I feel like he gave them that psychedelic, trance-like edge.
  • I think the most significant grower album for me was Down There. I went from 'meh' to my one of my favorite albums of all time.
  • Aeroplane, definitely, and Portamento by The Drums. Portamentos actually one of my favorite albums now. Even though all the songs are love song-esque, i really enjoy the vocals and dat bass :D.
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    believe it or not, strawberry jam. i never got into it as fast as every other AC album. also, BBNG 2 by BBNG
  • Danse Manatee.
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    Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus and Odd Blood by Yeasayer. This cover reminds me of the color of this board [img]http://miguelatwoodferguson.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Cosmogramma-2010.jpg[/img]
  • Great topic!
  • Thanks wini, and what'd your grower record be?
  • Hey PFish, I've been contemplating getting some yeasayer--their first album to begin since I've read great things on it--and now you've mentioned them. That might have swayed me a bit to go ahead and get it.
  • I loved their first album a lot, and when I listened to the more pop influenced second album I was a little disapointed, but that is when Odd Bload grew on me this Winter and I learned to LOVE the first 5 tracks as much as anything.
  • For me at the moment, it's Celebration Rock by Japandroids. It's a good album and all. It just doesn't really have that replay value that their previous album had. But who knows, maybe I'll get hooked on it one day.
  • Let The Blind Lead... by Atlas Sound has been sitting in my iTunes for 2 years now and every time I decide to revisit it, I find myself liking it a little bit more - I wasn't the biggest fan of Parallax, but Logos was great, so I feel like I've gotta keep trying at it.
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    Kid A took a really long time, now its one of my favorites. Also Merriweather for some strange reason... But my current grower album would have to be the Glow Pt.2
  • melvins' "hostile ambient takeover" they're not joking with that title, btw.
  • Mzrokkks - I only discovered NMH this year too, rather special aren't they! When you say you're not sure you get it, do you mean the lyrics? I spoke to a friend of mine who really likes inperpretting lyrics and she said it was about first relationships, coming of age etc. which I agree with now (felt obvious next time I heard it!) I've been learning King of Carrot Flowers on the guitar; great song to strum along to. Also emphatically agree with Yeasayer, but still prefer All Hour Cymbals to Odd Blood. Currently getting into Roy Harper which is proving very expensive as his albums are all top dollar, The Dodos, and Mathemagic (both of which I heard about on this board) and a few others of Spotify.
  • About Odd Blood/Yeasayer, I liked some of the songs A LOT more and disliked some songs A LOT more than some of the songs on Cymbals. Overall, I really want them to combine the styles of those two albums onto their next album.
  • Zaphox: Update, I think I 'got' NMH not long ago. It now sits proudly, surreally, on my shelf of CDs, in pride of place. :) --- Also, I've finally understood Merriweather! All of a sudden it's sunk in! The joy! The warmth! The pure, nostalgic, psychedelic wonderfulness! Why did this take so long?? Viva Merriweather Post Pavillion! I shall love and cherish you always!
  • rush's new album "clockwork angels"
  • Dan Deacon's "Bromst". At first it sounded like nonsensical, high-pitched noise but I now really love the concept of the music he produces (in general).
  • Ziggster i feel exactly the same way about Celebration Rock..
  • I've been listening to it a lot more recently. But I still think Post-Nothing is the superior album.
  • I would now add The Shins - Port of Morrow as a grower album. I was slightly disappointed on the first few listens as it was a bit too lush sounding for my tastes ('It's only Life' being the prime example), but even so I've had several songs stuck in my head and am really enjoying it.
  • fiona apple's new record is so, so, so great.
  • I'm looking forward to checking it out yukbon.
  • Its called merriweather because the weather has to be "merry" to enjoy it!! Get it? Who gets it?? No but seriously, i could never appreciate that album until late june of 2009. Its way too "merry" for a cold canadian winter!
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    I get it, but only because you are right, it is a very merry album that is perfect for a summertime listen.
  • no... it was a "merry" album for CHRISTMAS! which is when it leaked! oh how we wished that day! AND IT CAME TRUE! i swear to you!
  • the ewok KNOWS
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