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What do you think about the hyping up of albums before the actual release. With social media and the far reach of the internet, albums (such as MPP) can get hyped up to massive proportions (relativly speaking of course). To me, it doesn't seem genuine at times and can actually lessen the amount of enjoyment from a first listen to the album. What do you guys think? Now...let's Discuss.


  • Hm.... I've never really been a part of any album buzz. I mean, me and some friends are like, this album's going to be great! And maybe we'll talk a bit about how it might sound and stuff, but never obsessive to the point that the hype overwhelms the release.
  • im all over this!!! I kind of doubt it will grow to be more hyped then mpp but i dont deny the possibility. Their sound changes a little for each album and if they play more conventional instruments they may hit a wider demographic. the best part is that is does not matter because they can do whatever they want and fans wappreciate anything they would release. I know I would.
  • No one I know besides the people on this board seem to even know the album exists! I wonder why...
  • I think the bands attitude is like "we do what we want" and they aren't going to pay any attention to the hype of Centipede Hz. I was talking to Turtlebite (I think only some members remember her) and she didn't even know about the album, and she is a pretty big fan! That is why it's good being on this board, you get to learn about this stuff. Did anybody get a weird hype from TKOL, it was weird how that was released.
  • @Shinsy: Because we're all hipster special like that! Actually, not to disagree with anyone, but I haven't been getting the hyped feel from Centipede? Then again, I'm not into music websites much except for reviews
  • @Fisheh - Yeah me and my friends were like DAFUQ when it was announced but most of them them didn't like it much when it came out. I convinced Mercury Veins to relisten to it, he likes it more now.
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    Yeah, I liked TKOL a lot on the first listen, unlike the vast majority of people. I just thought it was strange when two weeks before the release they announced it, it had like two weeks of major hype in the music community, then it just deflated after the release because of how mediocre people thought it was.
  • I didn't think it was mediocre at all. Maybe not what people wanted, I understand that, but it's such a complex and engrossing listen.
  • Everybody hates TKOL because "you can't top in rainbows", at least that's what I've heard some say. Personally I like it, it took me a couple listens to actually enjoy it but I'm glad I gave it a fair chance..also considering they open up with Bloom on pretty much every setlist this good. Did you guys hear about their stage collapsing in toronto ?
  • Yeah, pretty tragic. I think it was their stage designer or something? There's been a few stage collapses lately, you never really think about it until it happens I guess. Can't top In Rainbows? I try not to compare albums cause you're mostly going to be disappointed. Here Comes the Indian was good, but you can't top Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Ehehe
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    Yay! We have some fellow TKOL lovers on the board. I really liked how it took the electronic elements from the past Radiohead albums and then mixed them with some great base lines and distinct rhythms. Overall, like what Clawed just said, too many people compared it to the other great Radiohead albums. Comparing albums to other previous albums by the band is another thing that comes along with the hyping of an album.
  • I need to listen to TKOL again, I've been stuck on Rainbows.
  • As much as I like TKOL, it feels like a slightly saturated follow-up to In Rainbows to me. I hammer it ever so often and always enjoy it, then I hear In Rainbows afterwards and it just blows TKOL out of the water. They have the same atmosphere and essence, but In Rainbows goes places whilst TKOL meanders about.
  • I think TKOL has a similar feel to Down There, I mean just look at those releases. under 40 minutes, released under the radar for the most part, and both got like 7.8 on P-fork. TKOL is not meant to blow your socks off, and I'm cool with that. Some parts do feel saturated, but not to where I can't enjoy the album just as much as I enjoy In Bows, but that is just the way how I feel about it, what do you think?
  • I really liked the repetitiveness of it, which I know Fantano wasn't a fan of. It just worked for me.
  • It's just one of those albums which I finish listening to I can barely remember any of the songs! As I said, I do enjoy listening to it, but it's almost redundant to me because I find it so similar to Rainbows, but just not nearly as good.
  • The last 4 TKoL songs make it a better album than IR, for me at least. Reckoner is the only thing that compares. The rest of IR makes for a good listen, it just doesnt have the same effect on me. Also, does anyone else feel that the theme of Limbs is death? Codex, Ghost, and Seperator all seem to be about being at peace with dying. Powerful stuff, but im not sure if its just me...
  • No I agree man, Codex is a very powerful song that just chills me to the bone, especially when he says "jump off the end, into a clear lake". It does feel just as sentimental as any other Radiohead album, and that has always been one of the main reasons I love radiohead. However, sometimes the album just doesn't have the power of their earlier work, and that's another reason why it isn't on the level of In Rainbows imo. But then again, if I just listen to the album, and if I don't compare it to other Radiohead albums, it is a very beautiful album that I find hard to pick apart. I also think TKoL is one of those "grower" albums that takes multiple listens for most people to like.
  • growing like a tree fuckin limby!
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