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So I've started watching this series called Panorama, on the BBC, and I think it's really good. I noticed In the Flowers was playing in the background of this episode about Scientology, about 6:20, and then 25:45 Now I'm DEFINITELY a fan of this programme.


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    Well, I just like shows that explain interesting stuff like this, the music is a plus. Plus the awesome accents make it much more engaging!
  • What do Americans have for British accents?? I like that accent too, but on the other hand I find the New York accent fascinating. I've tried to replicate it, but it's not as easy as, say, a south-London accent which is cakewalk.
  • Have you heard Wisconsin/Minnesota accents?? No offense to anyone but... Oh God. People make fun of it a lot (see: Drop Dead Gorgeous). Is there is difference between New York and New Jersey accents? I personally prefer French accents.
  • Is that one of the 'drawl' accents? I like those too, although they can get annoying obviously. Since I'm a French student, I try to pick up the accent if I can.
  • No, it's not a drawl accent at all... It kind of reminds me of a (non-French) Canadian accent. The way things like "oh yeah" and "okay", are said is filled with hilarity. It's not annoying it is just amusing and unattractive imo. I live in WI and I try my hardest not to have the accent, but sometimes I hear it and go "oh my gawsh". Again, if you have ever seen the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, it perfectly portrays the MN/WI accents.
  • Oh yeah, you betcha, dontcha ya knoooow! Joe Mauer!
  • I love Minnesotan accents! Much better than Washington (state) I think.
  • stuff is so biased
  • Compared to fox news or cnn?
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    on a highway is playing at 30:00 and my girls 45:01
  • I can't believe I missed My Girls! Yes, BBC is definitely biased, but everything is biased because bias is a human phenomenon and humans make news (source: I'm a history student, critical thinking yeah!!) CNN is obviously biased too, and I won't even comment on Fox (I watched a (biased) documentary against them and it makes a good point against their "Fair and Balanced" slogan) I sometimes read Al Jazeera as well, it's interesting (and also pretty deeply biased). I need to start reading the news again..
  • Yeah I wouldn't say everything is biased, just the people in control of media seem to think its a must? Who knows not me
  • Duno not really bothered
  • Saying bias is a human phenomenon sounds like a bit of self medicating philosophy to me
  • Y U no mention MSNBC? For some reason I have an urge to watch both Fox News pundits and MSNBC pundits at the same time to see how far apart both sides are from reality.
  • That's all I have to say.
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    Meh who watches MSNBC? (I joke) Clawed, what is that? Really? I cannot understand that person's philosophy. Is he an anarchist troll?
  • He's Gladstone from - it takes a bit to get his humour, but he's really intelligent and funny. He might be a troll, but he's not an anarchist at all. Give it a few episode, and I'm sure you'll like it. Especially the black eyed peas one!
  • Ha. I like this guy. That Katy Perry interpretation almost made poising my ears worth it. I always knew she had murder fantasies...
  • Here's a few of my favourite episodes: and the sequel:
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    SPOILER! "That's like saying the iPad has a little Chinese child sweat!" ...
  • Awww now that is one website that has its head up it's own arse
  • Heh. I was a regular Cracked reader for quite some time, thanks for reminding me about it. :)
  • Are you just going to hate on everything Animal Element?
  • Reddit addiction...must resist! I love all of you guys though, Y U HATE? I think we need to calm down here. If we all don't, i'll bring out the big guns, and don't say I didn't warn you guys.
  • I'm as calm as a cucumber I'm just a bit sick of Animal Element's attitude.
  • [img][/img] [img][/img] I just want you guys to smile, got Damnit! No being a douche on here, goes for everbody! (does posting a picture of a pony meme make me a douche, well no. I'm trying to make everyone happy a bit more sane).
  • hahahaaaa, sorry i just throwing out some of my opinions..... carry on people nothing to see here
  • oh yeah here is a british parody of PANORAMA
  • I think that one of the things that Clawed didn't like, was HOW you shared your opinions. But just be respectful in le future. Nice Parody, very funny!
  • let the boys be noize!
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