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I'm guessing this board is predominantly American, but is anyone watching Euro 2012? I've watched all the opening matches so far and am pretty hooked. Some slightly shaky/boring games as you'd expect at this stage but a few exciting ones too. Was nice to see Ukraine get a win this eve. Predictions for the title?


  • I'm American, but I love Football, Fussball, Futból, or as I would say normally, Soccer. I was thinking about the Brother Sports thread but since this is an event of sorts, I think it's better if any Euro stuff can be discussed here now. It was nice to see Ukraine win because of Ukraine has never even been to a Euro and this opening match at their stadium was very cool indeed. Poor England drawed to the Frenchies but as long as they win out in the group stage they should be fine. My team is either Denmark or the Italians so i'm hoping for one of them to win. As for a winner, I predict Russia will win it all. I think they will play someone like Germany or Italy in the final and win because of their desire to go and actually SCORE goals, something that other teams seem to be missing at the moment (not Ukraine and Sweden apparently, that game was very offensive). I liked looking up the old World Cup 2006 posts today on the old Collected Animals board, Panda Bear knows his stuff when it comes to the sport and his Portuguese.
  • I was actually just relieved England didn't lose to France today (even though we missed an open goal and should have scored 2!) Neither team looked particularly on fire to be honest though. I think Spain and Germany will come alive in their next games - but yes, Russia looked very strong in their opening game. I was also impressed with Croatia's technical skill, but that might just have been Ireland making them look good! I know what you mean about teams not looking hungry for goals - I'm hoping that's just because everyone is edgy on their first game. It is frustrating as a viewer when you see they're clearly playing for a draw though.. then as soon as one team scores, the other side is suddenly all over them and you think - why weren't you playing like this before?!
  • Exactly Zaphox, but I think the first round of group stage games (the first 8 games not the first 24 games) are always not low scoring, but just not offensive in general. I was rooting for England because they have Steven Gerrard and all my other favorite players from the EPL (why would they not be on the team), but France could not beat Joe Hart today and you're right, niether side looked as good as Germany, Russia, Spain, or Italy.
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    i was so mad when Portugal beat Denmark! i don't think we are going to win or get a point against Germany. anyways i still think Germany will win.
  • I was hoping Denmark would win that game too. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it's another Spain vs Germany final. Spain were so dominant against Ireland last night, 90% of the game was spent around Ireland's box; I'm amazing it was only 4-0! Come on England this evening!!
  • Four words: Danny Mother Fucking Welbeck! Plus, look at that guys hair, Danny just rocks that cut!
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    Dannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I went to sleep just after the game was 1-1, and now I find this. Lovely! It's England to win the final, four nil against Germany! (Positive thinking) P.S I'm a Man Utd fan, what about you guys?
  • I'm a fan of Liverpool, Olympique Marsielle, and BVB Dortmund (The French, German, and English leagues are my favorite). How about Greece and the Czeches advancing from group A and then the Germans (poor Denmark) and Portugal (Ronaldo was great) moving on from group B. I think Italy, France, Spain, and England will be the four to move on to the quarters. Time will tell.
  • i'm rooting for Germany i think they play the best and they deserve to win. funny how Holland did so bad compared to the world cup
  • Woo! England topped their group and are through to the knock outs against Italy. I was delighted Sweden got 2 against France who now play Spain instead of us! *phew* =)
  • Looks like the next round of games will be very heated and entertaining. I can't wait!
  • Well Portugal, Germany, and Spain are through to the semis as expected. Now we have England vs Italy which is probably going to prove to closest matching in the quarter finals. If England can contain Mario Balotelli then we're in with half a chance but I wouldn't like to put money on this one.
  • I don't know about you guys, but due to a long cultural/political/religious history, the England VS Italy match is probably THE biggest football game for Maltese spectators. The whole country is split 50/50 for tonight!
  • Damn, and you're with the English! Balotelli will be either the reason Italy win, or if Italy lose. Gerrard and Parker are going to have to be very strong in the midfield since Italy has so many midfielders playing tonight. Hopefully Wayne Rooney can score again tonight. I just realize that i'm rooting against the nation of my grandfather, oh well, I like that the England player flop less.
  • Wow - exciting first half... on the edge of my seat here! It's a real shame we didn't smash one in early on in that spell we had in their half.. Balotelli starting to look very dangerous :-SS Come on England!!
  • Arse =(
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    Bullocks! Well, England should still be proud, they only had a month to prepare properly and compared to the last Euro where they didn't qualify, this was a better performance. Germany is stronger than Italy and would have been MUCH more superior to England, so to sum it up, England really were never going to be champions this time around with how strong the compititon was. Brazil 2014! The Red, White, and Blue will make it to the Semis under the leadership of Klinsmann!
  • Wow, that was a turnout for the books! Germany are OUT! Definitely a night for the under-dogs in the world of sport as Nadal gets knocked of Wimbledon by Rosol who is ranked 100!!
  • Balotelli was so super on the pitch today. Him, Pirlo, and Buffon were all amazing and I predict them upseting Spain on Sunday 2-1 (Balotelli and Cassano with the goals). This Euro was not bad at all and hopefully the final will not disapoint either.
  • That was unexpected! I really do hope Spain win now.. :-SS
  • ¡unosdostreeeess!
  • 4. Torres, all is forgiven.
  • Wow, they are one of the best teams of all time. Well done Spain!! \:D/
  • Congrats to Spain (thank God they scored some goals too), and keep in mind that I still wanted the Italians to win, but Italy was just out classed by the Spanish team. They are some of the best players in the world and when they are assembled on this national team they are alost invincible. Now we wait for World Cup 2014 qualifiers!
  • i was rooting for italy as i am a city fan, check out this video if you wanna see a epic clutch, is a bit strange at the end and doesnt really describe the special day but its like a hollywood film, the way its edited...anyway:
  • No way, wasn't expecting to find another City fan on this board - where do you live element?
  • AnimalElement- Man City fan Zaphox- Man City fan Peacefish- Liverpool fan (lives in the USA) Mzrokkks- Man U fan (lives in Malta) Give us a Geordie/Gunner/Chelsea supporter and let's get into a bar fight (Liverpool will win since they have Gerrard who has some experience in bar fights). But seriously, it was good to see the blue side of Manchester win, especially after 40+ years since their last title (I loved seeing the fans when Aguero scored that goal). Let's not get into the typical football arguments/debates on which club is the best and who won and what not, let's just focus on the sport in general. I don't want anyone feeling hurt or anything (this is not the place guys). I just like talking about sports and Football especially. Now if only Fernandy Carroll and Liverpool win next year (never going to happen).
  • What is Fernandy Carroll? Topic for dicussion: Anders Villas Boas (or however that's spelled) moves to Tottenham. Also, no offense to anyone, but it's weird that there are 2 City fans here and only me supporting United. The latter team, besides being the best in the world, also has more fans in general, no? And btw, a message to Aguero:
  • Well I live in Manchester, and real Mancunians support City ;) It's been kind of a long running joke here that Utd fans all live in London. To be honest, I'm not a die hard City fan. When it comes to the league I'm an "arm chair supporter" and I will cheer Utd on unless it's the Derby.
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    Marzuki: Fernandy Carroll is what soccer bloggers called both Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll because of both players lack to score goals for the majority of the season. They were both over-priced transfers imo. It is funny, but since i'm sure both Animal Element and Zaphox live in Manchester, the ratio of City and United is off. Who cares though... Zaphox: I think if you're living in England, and your family has no connections to a club and you don't live in Bath or somewhere with no team or a shit team, you should pull for the club in your local area. That's just the thoughts and opinion of an American who has no relation to Liverpool, but supports them regardless. I just pull for Liverpool because the majority of American soccer fans pull for Man U, Chelsea, Barca, or Real Madrid. Then i'd say AC Milan, Inter, Arsenal, Man City, and Liverpool follow in their popularity. And don't forget Club America, Chivas, and all the MLS teams we support. I really like the Portland Timbers! [img][/img] [img][/img] You would be surprised at the ammount of people in the states that have a passion for soccer. I would post more pictures but there are alot of Seatle, Chicago, LA, Portland, and various other MLS teams which have great fans.
  • Yeah I'm from Manchester! Yeah I thought the amount Liverpool drew this season was crazy, at home. cool pics
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  • oh wow the final score was one to ZERO? that must have been quite the amazing exciting game! pfft! DEATH 2 SOCK Uh Huh Her! :(|)
  • throw away sports into the garbage! oh if only!
  • Pretty sure there is a general sports thread, or even a Man City thread for your vids. Premier League looks to be as good as it has ever been. Go Reds!
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