Your favourite Animal Collective Song



  • Oh the irony! hoho
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    Fact: Animal Collective is the best band ever and Banshee Beat is their best song.
  • Safer or Tantrum Barb or In the Flowers I cannot decide... Probably Safer.
  • From A Beach is my new favorite. So glad that i discovered it :D
  • I really like Ice Cream Factory
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    It used to be Summertime Clothes, then Grass. And then I listened to In The Flowers straight through. And now I love that one the most.
  • in the flowers represents happiness for me
  • if i could hear prospect hummer (the song) before they decided to include vashti it would probs be my favorite. dont get me wrong, i love vashti
  • right now its essplode. those lyrics are unbelievable (Listen baby) Come on Davey Open the blinds You gotta go past the window And fly
  • Turn off the pilot, Essplode.
  • that gets me every time!
  • Peacefish is right, Banshee Beat is their best song. It's absolutely incredible. I listened to it while I smoked some DMT one night and had one of the strongest most incredible break through's I have ever had on a psychedelic. The Song changed my life.
  • Fact. The best song by Animal Collective is "Hmsrgvdjbtbjks."
  • I only agree with HOSQ! He said I was RIGHT! Banshee Beat still is my favorite btw! I don't do drugs, but i'm sure that song would be amazing regarless of how you listened to it.
  • Impossible! I've avoided this thread because I can't answer determinately. But right now its Alvin Row.
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    Too many mind-blowing, knee-buckling, jaw-dropping AC songs to pick a favorite, really. Alvin Row, Essplode, Doggy, Native Belle, Winters Love, all of Feels, Fireworks, all of Merriweather, Mr. Fingers, Tantrum Barb, all of Centipede Hz ;) And i still missed a ton EDIT: Damn i forgot about their eps. No band has any right to be this good.
  • How True. I'm thinking if I had to pick my favorite songs from each album they would go like this... LP's -Alvin Row -Essplode -De Soto De Son -Too Soon -Winters Love -Banshee Beat -Cuckoo Cuckoo -In The Flowers EP's -Prospect Hummer -People -Street Flash -Graze Solo Works -Good Girl/Carrots -Last Night At the Jetty -Laughing Hieroglyphic I think these are my favorite songs in general, but from all of these I can only choose Banshee Beat to be numba 1.
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    right now my fav is doggy. i remember when i first met you, dog. :-(
  • Bat You'll Fly is also an incredible song and often overlooked.
  • Strangely that my least favorite from spirit. It just seems too playful/silly for how emotional the rest of the album is
  • A serious album always needs a playful song! And Doggy is by far, the best on CS imo. My favorite AC song at the moment is My Favorite Colors... not sure why...
  • MFC was my favorite for like a week once. Its a strange song. Ive been really into CS lately. It's so beautiful!
  • I'm also really into drone right now
  • Indeed it is! CS is one of those albums where the songs are really enhanced by the lyrics.
  • Drone is such a good song, I used to skip over it like how I skipped over No More Runnin', but now I want to get to that song because I love it so much compared to back when I first heard it.
  • One song which gets me every time I hear it is What Would I want? Sky So unbelievably chilled out :x
  • i love whatever instrument it is that sounds like sprinkles in wwiw?s. thats the only way i can describe it
  • you mean the chimey bell sounds in the last couple of minutes? They're cool yeah. I love the transition point @ 3:09 where the song changes. First time I heard it I thought that was going to be the end of the song!
  • i like the first part just as much as the sample part. awesome use of percussion
  • Agreed Ticon, Doggy is incredible! Such an emotional song it makes me feel a lot :)
  • owner's losing their dogs is equally as sad as a human losing another human counterpart imo. at least when in story form
  • or what about when a dog loses their owner? like that one futurama episode...
  • Don't get me started on that Futurama buisness. In my opinon, Luck of the Fryish" the episode about Fry and Yancy, is still more sad than "Jurassic Bark" (that took a while to look up). I agree it is very powerful relationship, that between a dog/pet and a human, but I think when it's another human that can show a multitude of feelings and emotions to you, both good and bad, the loss seems more meaningful. But let's not start anything here, Dogs are special, Humans are special, Doggy is a great song.
  • i guess i was exaggerating, but when it is purely fictional the two losses get me equally
  • yeah, both are fiction. Oh well, If I had a dog that died i'd probably be on the other side of the argument, so I really shouldn't be talking about this.
  • Touching episode, I cried. The strangest is when leela gets stung by a baby bee. TRIPTRIPTRIP. I can't listen to Alvin Row without listening to bat you'll fly first. It's 100% nesseccessseecccesssecceesssarryrryrryrry, The cover art with the two fairies flying through space. I picture bat you'll fly playing while they dance in space reflecting on some adults lost memories as a wee babe. that would be my favorite ac song but it doesn't display their vocal capabilities enough to be my favorite. I DEARLY CHARISH IT THOUGH!!!!
  • you can't listen to alvin row without listening to the entire album first! i mean come one, it's a finale.
  • I agree Ticon. Alvin Row is a great, endearing, and amazing way to close out the hour long adventure which is Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished. It just has a feel of finality to it that makes it that way imo. Spirit is one of the only things that AC has made that makes me feel as if I NEED to listen it only as an Album and not listen to it song by song.
  • Right now my favorite is graze. I just can't get over those melodies, there's three by the way!
  • I love graze, probably my favourite from Fall Be Kind.
  • i've always loved it more than wwiw?s, contrary to popular opinion
  • When I first got FBK I much preferred Graze, but over time the main flute style melody has started to get on my nerves a bit, whereas WWIW?S has only got better for me. I like the way both songs are split into distinctive halves. I think that might be Panda's influence, but only guessing.
  • Yeah, I like Graze at the beggining but, the flute has begun to sound shrill. I still really like Graze but not as much as WWIW?S. My favorite AC song right now is Fickle Cycle. It's so energetic.
  • I think Graze was my favorite song on FBK, but when I first heard about the EP I only listened Graze. But when I listened the EP as a whole I transitioned into WWIWS? and I Think I Can as my favorite songs. Still in my opinion, Graze is an amazing track with Pan Flute in all.
  • No love for On A Highway ? That and I think I can are my favs on Fall Be Kind
  • i wish they'd made it more like the live version on the Brosport b-side
  • Bleed is my second favorite on FBK.
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