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We desperately need this. I'll start, I am in love with the flow of everyone whistling into la rapet. Discuss


  • That was my favorite part of actually buying the CD, because when I just had it in mp3 form there would be like a quarter second jump that would mess up that intro into La Rapet. What is your favorite transition? Mine is In the Flowers into My Girls.
  • don't believe the pilot into wcwar on animal crack box. its just perfect.
  • I also love when Queen in my Pictures goes straight into Doggy, pure bliss. What exactly does Deakin do besides provide guitar to the Collective. Their songs just have a diferent feel to them when Deakin is somewhere in the song/album.
  • ^what peace said. That's one of my favorite transitions of all time
  • that transition is also, according to panda, one of the best things the band will ever do. im pretty sure deakin provides some backup vocals sometimes. i feel like the whole band gives every other member notes on what theyre playing and its one big creative process
  • I don't doubt that PB said that, what a wonderful transition into a wonderful song. And I thought that they recorded that whole album in one sitting, so if that transition was just natural and not even thoroughly edited thats even more impressive.
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    Safer's first half's lyrics are unreal. im speechless Why am I so scared That the shadows on the wall from yesterday... I turn and tell my dad I saw ghosts in the park wooing girls with cakes And their moms are scared 'Cause they haven't been home in two or three days Wind blows trees through the tops of my hair I saw wolves in the fog, I can see through the rain Oh, man and things have changed In the snow filled lake where there used to be waves I feel deranged They're building beaches inside so it's sunny all May I don't know, I think it's strange 'Cause I know we met before but I cannot place it I don't know if there's any real danger But the creatures all know that it's safer in the dark Why am I so scared Of explosions going off just any old way I turn, ask is it that bad They say we've much bigger problems, we got wolves on the plane And they left their den 'cause the cracks in the pipe's shootin' murky grays They're running just as fast as the hares They say you shouldn't leave a place if you can eat there Oh, man, and things have changed In the snow filled lakes where there used to be waves I feel deranged They're building beaches inside so it's sunny all May I don't know, I think it's strange 'Cause I know we met before but I cannot place it I don't know if there's any real danger But I'm alright if you're alright I'm alright if you're alright...
  • So true Ticon, it still baffles me why AC didn't even put it on the EP. As far as EP's go, which one is your favorite from Animal Collective? I love Fall Be Kind the most, but I would have said Water Curses if it had Safer.
  • definitely fall be kind, but people is a close second. two awesome songs, one trippy snippet and an amazing live performance including avey screaming like a madman
  • Nice! New wallpapr then.
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    Is Campfire Songs an EP? I could listen to it on loop for days. Other than that, probably People. Tikwid is one of my favourite AC songs. Edit: and yes, also takin that for my wallpaper aha! thanks ticon!
  • I find Tikwid annoying, in an affable catchy way
  • Can see that for sure. It's most definitely Panda's drumbeat that does it for me - whenever it comes on I have to be that annoying ass that bangs on the nearest table along with it. Oooooooh oooh ooh OOOHH ohhh oohh oohhh ooooooooooooooh IT GLOWS
  • I love how you can never tell whether the "oooooh" part is gonna repeat or not. And I'm pretty sure CS is considered an album, not EP
  • Yeah CS is an LP for sure. Do you guys consider Hollin and ODDSAC "TRUE" LP's. I like counting ODDSAC as one more than I would consider Hollin a LP, mainly becasue I really love ODDSAC and I'm not really a huge fan of Hollin. What do you guys think?
  • hollin is definitely an lp in my mind, but im not sure about oddsac. when i think of oddsac, i think of watching, not listening
  • Just got a Songkick notification that they'll be playing Massey Hall in Toronto with Washed Out on October 10th - but the date isn't listed on myanimalhome or the venue's website or ticketmaster. HOW DO I GET TICKETS. HOW DO I GET THEM NOOOOW
  • Oh my god i seriously hope this is happening!!
  • AnCo do Europe tours, right? A London concert or whatever may be my only chance of seeing them, because they sure as anything are't coming back to Malta :(. I watched an interview where they said they're more comfortable touring the states, which sucks for the rest of the world.
  • europe has it allright this year. hope theres no fans in whales. They are gonna tour on the east and west coast of the States but the middle is left untouched. Dag. Either way I'm going.
  • Second leg of the tour, middle US and Australia goddammit!
  • Where is the second leg posted? Songkick is the only place i can find that says they're coming to toronto. The venue's website doesnt even have them scheduled
  • They're gonna come to Australia just to party with the Aborigineese
  • I don't live with the Aboriginals... :(
  • AC said they knew that they had skipped over a lot of places and that they were going to do another round of touring on their FB page. They don't want to get burnt out (as they have in the past). So, there is about 100% chance they will reach the Midwest and other northern U.S. states, but I am unsure of other countries.
  • Vesufius, it's also on the Domino Records (AC's record label) website that they're coming to TO on the date Songkick says - so it's a fair bet you should keep an eye on ticketmaster and for tickets.
  • Oh yeah, just checked that out. Thanks a lot Frumpkin, this is great news!
  • Back onto a topic... So when will be the last time you guys listen to the 2011 bootlegs before the album (if you have even heard the new songs)? I'm planning on giving those boots two more listens, one tomorrow and another listen a month after tomorrow.
  • HAH! I'm putting them on my ipod so I can right up the lyrics asap and sing them while they play it HAH!!! I intend not to be a stiff stiff
  • im only listening to individual songs if they come up on shuffle
  • I've never said this but I first truly enjoyed danse manatee while listening on a beach. The high frequencies, piercing percussion and strange melodies fit the beach setting so well for me
  • Sounds very, very, similar to the studio version, but all of the sounds are at different levels and what not. I liked it and Avey is sounding as cool as ever. The drums also have that cool effect on them where they come in and out of focus. Thanks, Ticon.
  • HCTI is slowly becoming my favorite AC album. sadly, Sung Tongs is not what it used to be :(
  • I agree with that statement, Sung Tongs can sometimes be a disapointing listen when i'm not in the right mood. On the other hand, HCTI always surprises me and takes me on a different journey every time I listen to it.
  • leaf house will always be their best intro though. spirit they've vanished a close second. i wish their last three album's first songs had a more intro-ish feel
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    Oh no! I still haven't listened to Sung Tongs! Don't say such things.
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    No like. Edit: gone.
  • I actually disagree with you Ticon, but that may be a result of many, many listens of AC albums. Spirit They've Vanished seems to set out the world, a dreamscape, in which te rest of the album takes place. Danse Manatee and the track A Manatee Dance really is the worst intro imo. Then Campfire is decent with QIMP. Native Belle is another explosion of noise to kickstart HCTI. Leafhouse isn't that strong imo, but it does show a departue from the rest of AC's music imo. The DYSTW and the build up in that song, not to mention the love going on in that track, set's up Feels. The abstract intro in Peacebone going into that iconic series of samples is jjust a marvoulous begining to Straw Jam. Then the Alien space ship, Dishwasher, whatever it is in "In the Flowers", that seems to set a pace for MPP and it flows perfectly into My Girls. That's my attempt at writing/reviewing Album intro's, but don't hold me to grammar or my opinion.
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    A song doesn't have to be intro-ish to be a good intro. If that makes sense Edit: a manatee danse is an awesome intro if you make sure to listen to the album In order. The way it goes straight into penguinx2 is great (IMO of course)
  • Off topic... Im beginning to like the living toys, which Is my least favorite on DM
  • "Do you guys consider Hollin and ODDSAC "TRUE" LP's. I like counting ODDSAC as one more than I would consider Hollin a LP, mainly becasue I really love ODDSAC and I'm not really a huge fan of Hollin. What do you guys think?" but holland is a live shindiggy! that can't count in album canon surely? YOU JEST! though in a world where campfire counted but holland didn't would make me SICK! and oddsak MUST count! a VISUAL album! album is in the name of what it IS! oh god? either way they have 9 albums (somehow) and Senty Peed is AC X! animal collective sex!
  • On topic of general AC talk, I have decided that Sung Tongs is probably the best winter album of all time. And it's making me nauseous, where the hell have I got to? :-h
  • Well... Winter's Love, Kids on Holiday, and The Softest Voice make it a really good winter album. However, Sweet Road and Leafhouse seem more like spring or summer. But It definetly is a great album for Fall or Winter.
  • i like to think of fall be kind as in late nov / early dec the cold now here and thinking OH FALL WON'T YOU BE KIND AND REWIND! wanting it all to come back! we have to glow black!
  • FBK is definetly a winter/fall album. I really am going to make that my second album to listen to this fall besides CHZ, that is going to take over my ear buds for months.
  • Fall be kind is my 2nd favorite AC release right now. Behind HCTI
  • Sung Tongs is also good winter/fall album Its wierd... HCTI is my most neglected AC album even though i like it a lot
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