Fall Tour !!!!

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Yes Copenhagen show ! http://myanimalhome.net/tickets/


  • Denmaaaaaaaark
  • Praying that they come to Houston on the second leg. [-O<
  • we should organize who would be going to what. so stinkin excited.
  • LONDON BOOM! ive never seen the before....so happy!!!!
  • OMG - Manchester UK! :D my heart is actually racing!
  • Good to hear that some of you will have good opertunities to go see the collective this Fall. Looks like I can't attend any of those dates/places so hopefully they will hit the midwest with a second leg or something. Plus, why are they playing MPP again? I think it's cool, but I also think it's wierd that after not playing there for the MPP tour, they are going to be there twice in about 14-15 months.
  • Another ATL show, I can't wait!
  • MPP is my only chance of seeing them because I doubt they'll ever come to Maine and even then I know I'm not making it down to MD in October and there's definitely no one down there who will see them with me. fdkajkld;as
  • Tickets booked *does the happy dance*
  • Daaaaaaaamn yoooooooou universe!!
  • Noooooooooooo Toronto!!!!!!
  • What Frumpkin said
  • They should play one in chicago or something in the midwest
  • They aren't even playing in Boston! I think they hate New England!
  • ahh there is hope. from their facebook: "Now we know you aren't all being paid a visit on this first run, but don't worry, it's only the beginning. See you in a bit, AC"
  • Hey Animal Element i'm going to the London Roundhouse there show as well with my whole band Just yell out TreeRoots! Man I'm Psyched about this show, I caught them last year in Eastbourne and now I'll get to feel the thrill again... I wonder what they'll do different.
  • Going to Hollywood bowl. Everyone come along it will be the best ever.
  • how about i wear a treeroots tshirt ay? lol
  • Are they still playing mpp songs live? I really want to hear summertime clothes live again
  • im getting myself hyped for this ! i reckon it will be a great atmosphere as not everyone likes animal collective so it should be a good togetherness atmosphere, lets see what we can do in london:D watched this
  • what songs do you want them to play? ill say summertime clothes, fireworks/essplode and whatever they think they wanna do after that lol water curses? havent seen them do that live, safer would be cool in the middle
  • I'm sure they'll be playing mostly CHz stuff. I doubt they'd do water curses, but that doesnt really seem like a good live song. idk, tbh Would you take someone who's never heard of them to one of their concerts?
  • Yeah I would. As long as they aren't little dickheads, I'm gonna go with my gf and she has heard them but doesn't really get them totally, she can still enjoy a night out tho !
  • Yeah I'll be there for Atlanta again. This year is going to be an amazing concert year. Already saw Jeff Mangum, of Montreal and the Flaming Lips and I've got a ton more lined up. Super psyched to see them playing the Tabernacle, aside from Variety Playhouse, probably my favorite venue in Atlanta. It's too damn hot to play outdoor shows.
  • Favourite bands! Y u all be American??
  • I'm sure their setlists will be somewhat but not entirely similar to the 2011 shows. they played mostly centipede hz songs for sure. i wouldn't expect too many old songs, expect to hear most of your favorite C Hz songs though! I did hear that they were thinking about re-working the glorious La Rapet for this year's shows. I would love to hear Water Curses live oh god.
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    La Rapet or Alvin Row live would make my year, even more so than CHz being more awesome than I'm imagining it will be. If only they knew how much their fanbase would appreciate them reworking songs off Spirit for live concerts (they probably know and they don't really care too much about our wants, not to say that this is a bad thing)
  • I didn't really dig the reworked chocolate girl from 2008 since they left out the best part ("open up my brain again") Its like doing Bat you'll fly and leaving out the elusive in houston part!
  • Yeah, me too. Water Curses would be top of the list for me but I can't imagine it live... that said I previously couldn't imagine a lot of their songs live until I found YouTube vids. Not wishing to derail the thread but I stumbled across this:
  • oh yeah and Mouth Wooed Her might get reworked as wheel.
  • We need more Sung Tongs Songs reworked, only Rabbit, Leafhouse, and Tigers have been done (Or at least those are the only songs I have heard). Mouth Wooed her or Kids On Holiday would melt my brain.
  • the kids on holly golly day 2005 was a beast! got super intense! and baby day as the encore! with geo on jimmies!
  • according to ticketmaster, opener for this tour is Micachu and the Shapes
  • Sweet mother of Mary I have to go... somehow. I wish Micachu would come to Australia with them in 2013... probably not...
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    I decided not to go to the Hollywood Bowl show after debating it for a few months. The renowned Chinese translator and scholar, Arthur Waley, would not, at any cost, go visit and travel in China; this was because he didn't want whatever the reality of the place was to supercede the fantastic visions he'd built up. My reasoning is along these lines.
  • Though I might regret it in twenty years.
  • imagine if we applied that to all! anything one can do in life won't live up to what we want / it COULD be! so you just stay in bed or end up making yourself dead! why go to the beach when you could just pop a pill! why go out? we'll just end up back here any ways!
  • Yeah just pop a pill Some soma In this Brave New World
  • "A gramme is better than a damn" Wish I had a gram...
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    Dear sirs and/or mesdames, Reductio ad absurdam!! (Really though, you're absolutely right, and I was just trying to come up with some sort of analogy to justify to myself why I'm not going--I admit it might've been a faulty analogy, too).
  • i saw ac 05 / 06 / 07 (twice! which makes up for no 08!) / 09 deeks in 2010 / avey tail end of 2011 (which will make up for if they don't come til 2013!) it all evens out! just wish i could go back in time go to that august 03 kitty kat klub show! gah! i wouldn't have appreciated it at the time though i would have been expecting INDIAN ... would have got 2 men on acoustic guitars not playing slippy and me getting angry as hell wondering where the tronks were!
  • i wonder why pander always avoided this place! prolly didn't want to pander to no crowd! THE JURK!
  • Dec. 21st 2012: GEO! SOLO! LIVE! @ the Emporium!
  • Cant wait for September 30!, It's gonna be another great night of AnCo awesomeness!
  • Oh, no! They aren't coming to the Midwestern United States :[ someday, someday....
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    i will be at the portland show, let me know if you wanna hang out. i know a guy from CA who's going and i may hang out with him 'cause he's super cool. also may hang out with moondog, who is also super cool. hit me up if you're doing portland, seattle, or the oakland run. if someone wants to do multiple west coast dates north of the bay area i have a car and wouldn't mind having company and someone to throw down a little gas money. lemme know.
  • wish I could join you Dave. where is that second leg ?! hoping it's on the way..east coast needs love too (besides NY, PA, MD, and GA)
  • 09-18 Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre 09-19 Vancouver, British Columbia - Malkin Bowl 09-20 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom 09-21 Oakland, CA - Fox Theatre 09-22 Oakland, CA - Fox Theatre 09-23 Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Bowl 09-25 Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues 09-27 Dallas, TX - House Of Blues 09-28 Austin, TX - The Backyard at Bee Cave 09-29 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues 09-30 Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle 10-02 Columbia, MD - Merriweather Post Pavilion 10-03 Philadelphia, PA - Mann Centre for Performing Arts 10-05 Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg Park in november they go to europe
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