my trustworthy?

I pre-ordered centipede hz from I didn't see any specific date as to when it would be delevered. They said it would come from some magical animal collective wareouse. I have never bought anything from this site and due to the uncertainty I'm not sure if somthing smells fishy. Have any of you guys and gals ever ordered somthing from there?


  • It's the same as ordering from Domino directly, so everything ought to work out fine. About the delivery date, look at your online receipt: it should say something along the lines of Package #1 to be sent to arrive on or around 09/04/12 by 1st Class USPS
  • its AC's official site so I'm trusting it
  • what was wrong with animal collective (DOT COM!) ??? free the bees (dot com)
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    Yeah, I'd trust it. Like OakenCipher said, It's basically ordering the album from Domino.
  • more like ordering from Dominos Pizza oh!
  • i want pizza! PEE EYE ZZ EH!
  • oh whipped cream flowing like water falls!
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