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  • Native belle into hey light is my favorite intro/2nd song combination
  • sometimes the "chorus" of native belle makes me think of some hyped up sugar-rush version of siggy (sigur rose / ROSS!) ... do you hear that? TIC O??
  • Native Belle and Hey Light are really great, but since there are so many quiet moments followed by really loud moments in those two songs, i dont have a lot of opportunities to listen to them. The Love Me Love Me Love Me part in Native Belle is perfect, though
  • the first couple loud/silent/loud/silent moments in native belle are just "classic AC" for me haha
  • I got a bunch of ac stickers, I'm wondering where I should stick them? This is so off topic haha.
  • Also it would be awesome if deakin played the sitar in a song
  • Where'd you get the stickers? I have a bunch of Radiohead ones, one Glassjaw and another Mars Volta. Some are in my car and others on the side of my dresser
  • glass jaw! haha! i wonder what happened to them? i can barely remember anything other than his kinda deftones-ish voice some song called... when one 8 becomes two 0s? or SOMETHING! man there was a whole weird period where i don't know if i even liked these bands or not??? how weird is that? like... Glassjaw... Thursday... Saves the Day (oh GOD?)... Finch?!! i don't know AFI... oh dear god?! ... i ... i really don't know to say nothing of stuff like Less Than Jake / Reel Big Fish / Lagwagon / etc oh man i guess also a LOT of the stuff on the Tony Hawk gamesoundtracks!!
  • CURSES, water!
  • GO you are right, One of their tracks is called When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros. They just had a tour and played Worship And Tribute from start to finish, they're awesome idk how you could not like them. Thursday is good too. But Finch reminds me of being in 8th grade
  • my tastes were all weird in 01/02 liking super furry animals, queens of the stone age, spoon, etc but then also something like... GOOD CHARLOTTE! haha! and also a ton of nu-metal! which will forever be so hated / joked about but there was a lot of really fun bands / fun times
  • Haha, I remember when I listened to Good Charlotte :ar!
  • g.o., when did you get into AC? im guessing around 04/05 right?
  • I'm not sure if my cat, sorta young, named Georgia, likes April and the Phantom. Her ears are back, seeminly bewildered. She either loves it, hates it, or is just lost in the IT of it.
  • Lost in the IT of it, no doubt
  • Ha, I knew there would be some radio sort of thing with the new album. This is AWESOME. I'm sure they'll be streaming the album too. Exciting, thanks pottle
  • i bet over half the songs picked will be experimental wank! dubsteppy crap and rap crap and noize/drone/"avant" and go-nowhere instrumentals! bah! then panda will balance this with total pop choices it's like some damn joke! with NO bunch line! DROP THE LIME! :(|) "g.o., when did you get into AC? im guessing around 04/05 right?" August 2003!!! which makes it only the more sad when i found out later they played in town in August 2003! it's like it would have been meant to be but then didn't happen! i wouldn't have appreciated it though at the time in fact i would have been damn pissed! same with them opening for mum! so i guess it all worked out!
  • thats so cool... i cant imagine discovering them before their major successful releases. did you like most of their discog so far at the time?
  • yes! but it was... super weird / confusing... at first all i had to go on was indian & campfire and thought campfire was quite snoozy ... then popped up spirit/danse re-release and i think i somehow thought on first listen it was to be a double album? haha? which would make a VERY odd double album! and then at some point i found a mysterious "holland again" release on Soulseek that just had SIDE A and SIDE B with no track names and i had no idea what it even was... for a long time in 2004 it felt like finding "secret" releases that no one even knew about! like accidently finding JANE - SLIPPING AWAY not knowing what it even was / before jane was really known or talked about... or terrestrial tones! or the avey split with crumbling gland! and then one of the most intense / fun things was first half of 2005 and the battle to find ALL the rare/unreleased songs! which got intense! and then the board in may/june 05 and finding out the band members themselves were on there! i had just seen them for the first time april 05! sometimes i miss those times! those early / girly days!
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    Ahaha Noah got so defensive when Josh called their earlier pop rock stuff weird!! "It wasn't that weird!" The look on his face!! Panda was pissed! Thanks Narnia this is really great! I've never even seen their live performances from the Feels era before. But what were they playing at 9:38 and around 14:30 and 17:30? I really like what they played at 17:30... Someone tell me what it is!
  • Ok I just finally finished the video. That was the best Animal Collective interview that I've ever watched. Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this.
  • You're welcome Ves! I'm really glad that I happened to discover this. There are few video interview (I only know of one) available of AC before 2005. 14:30 sounds like the end of Kids on Holiday.
  • i think both 14:30 and 17:30 are kids on golly day! (9:38 could be it too during a transition into it part?) but yeah 17 he sings HOLIDAY but in a totally different style
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