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If you could have the full band play any set of songs, what would it be? and why? mine would be: open with Turn into something, my girls chocolate girl april and the phantom loch raven Country Report unsolved mysteries chores derek fireworks brothersport Summertime Clothes This is just an idea for a nice set that I would enjoy, right off of the top of my head


  • open with spirit they've vanished april and the phantom chocolate girl alvin row essplode ahhh good country in the singing box doggy native belle hey light slippi leaf house wcwar winter's love we tigers grass loch raven people my favorite colors unsolved mysteries fireworks also frightened no more runnin brother sport graze wwiw?s someday i'll grow to be as tall as the giant. in that exact order, with transitions and NO BREAKS. THE AC ARE MY SLAVES HAHAHA
  • the transitions waste so much time! and are usually hella lemmy! it's like come ON dudes! NEXT SONG! yr wasting song time! you could fit in like 2 or 3 more songs with all this time yr wasting! yr making me crazy! danse little avey
  • pull the string! :(|)
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    1. Geo's Cosmik Intro 2. The Animal Collective Theme Song 3. Who Could Win a Rabbit (even newer version!) 4. Slippi (done more right this time!) 5. Tuvin Throat Song 6. Pilot (Thru Carsh) / Froggies 7. Play Pen / Pay Check 8. PANIK! [18min noize version] 9. Winter Wonder Land! X. Mr. Fingers ENCORE ::: ALVIN DUCKING ROW! (yr boat down to hell extended jam version! +30min!)
  • panic would be nuts if they created the distortion on stage. also i didnt even thin of Mr. Fingers! that would be the best opener/closer, or even encore
  • 1. Penny Dreadfuls 2. In The FLowers 3. Safer 4. #1 5. What Would I Want? Sky 6. For Reverend Green 7. Grass 8. Leaf House 9. Who Could Win A Rabbit 10. The Purple Bottle 11. Slippi 12. Doggy/Hey Light 13. Fireworks 14. Brothersport 15. Unsolved Mysteries and as the ender Alwin Row
  • 1. De Soto De Son 2. Who Could Win a Rabbit 3. Slippi 4. My Girls 5. Banshee Beat 6. #1 7. Graze 8. Lablakely Dress/Fireworks/Essplode/Fireworks 9. Water Curses 10. La Rapet 11. In The Flowers 12. Gotham Encore/s 13. Grass 14. Taste 15. Alvin Row I think the majority of us agree that Alvin Row should finish the set.
  • These are all so great, Im gonna think of one that moves through the seasons
  • start with fall, People, Did you see the words, for reverend green, Tantrum Barb, Mr. Fingers, What would I want? Sky, Alvin Row into winter, In the flowers, Graze, Winter's Love, Loch Raven, Taste, Guy's Eyes, Daffy Duck, We Tigers Into Spring My Girls, Turn into Something, Chocolate Girl, April and the Phantom, La Rapet,Cuckoo Cuckoo, Banshee Beat Into Summer Chores, Derek, Brothersport, Fireworks, SUMMERTIME CLOTHES!!!! Wow this would be a long set, but I would love it
  • it would be cool if they played a set of their favorite songs from each album, and changed instruments according to what was used in the making of the album. but of course it'd end with alvin row, except it has several movements, using instrumentation from each album
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    Nice set Mitch, very interesting to have Flowers and Guys Eyes in the winter portion of the set, but the set as a whole would work out really neatly in my opinion.
  • nice bitch mitch! give us a hitch!
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