Okay, just to let everybody know, Wini (our last Moderator) was and is on a permanent leave of absence. Hateradio (the owner of this webiste and forum) has made me a Moderator. This means that I'll be accepting new members onto the forum, moderating discussions (obvious), and banning spammers, trolls, and anyone else who doesn't play nice after I warn them. I'll try to emulate Winilula in almost everyway. I'm here for you to feel safe, and if you have any problems with the board (the ones that are not technical), i'm here to help you. Feel free to PM me anytime. I'll be on a lot, so don't be shy to do so. Now for the title of the thread and an explanation. This board/forum is in a little depression. My job as a mod and board member is to get things a little more lively around here. I will be accepting new members and I will be encouraging old members to start posting again, but only if they want to of course. I'll try to get this place up and running, but it is all of our duties to try and spread the word that this is the website for AC fans to come and talk. We are the friendliest, the most polite, the most accepting, and the most open forum of the sort. I'll be greeting members like Wini used to do, and i'll say it again. I'm going to try my best at keeping this forum alive by almost any means possible. Your Friendlly Neighborhood Peacefish.


  • yay !!! Love you Peacey this makes me happppppeeeeeeee
  • Come September 4th, this board will be very active! Dont worry about it Peace!
  • Yay Peacey!!
  • ;) Always knew you had it in you Fishy
  • I have a good feeling about this :)
  • peacey is our new master?! ALL HAIL PEACEFISH
  • Kid A avatar for the win! ALL HAIL PEACEFISH
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    Nope, Summertime Clothes Single FTW! Don't hail me, hail yourselves, your fellow members, Wini, and Hateradio first.
  • i miss wini :(
  • So do I! I was waiting for someone to say that... but Peacey is going to be a great mod!
  • just ate a grapefruit
  • bought a sex toy today, the store i went to was awesome
  • yeah bought a sex toy for my dog
  • hahahaha
  • DAVE! !EVAD seems like a fun way to say david!
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    This forum format sucks in many ways. That could be a contributing factor to people not posting more.
  • simplicity is key to order and discipline
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    Are you saying that this forum is good because it's simple? Or are you voting for more simplicity? This forum is anything but simple or ordered right now. It's pretty convoluted. Search feature doesn't work, the "Community" tab is useless now, subforums no longer exist for all intents and purposes. Redundant threads everywhere because of these issues.
  • Thing is Dave there's nothing we can do about it cause Hate's never here to fix anything. The only thing we can do is leave, or do something to grab his attention.
  • Yeah, my goal was to suggest the latter. And my next question was if there's any volunteers who know anything about web design.
  • If you want to start another one I've researched what it takes. I can create a new forum, well designed with all the features we'd want, the only cost being the domain space. I was hesitant though because I was unsure if anyone would want to, or follow.
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    I've had the same thought. I don't really go on this forum enough to be able to justify taking part in a major project like that. I imagine it would be a pretty time-consuming deal. Not to mention money-consuming. I'd be running purely on the novelty of being the forum owner if I bought it, though (it's something I've considered) and being able to make the site weird and cool and pretty and shit. And that's for sure not the right way to go about things, even though I'd almost be down to pay for it just because I like the thought of it so much. I know I like the thought of it far more than I'd like the reality. Nevertheless, it [i]is[/i] a tantalizing thought to have a site for this forum with an active forum owner. You ought to make a thread floating the idea, I'm sure other people will be interested. You also might be able to get Hate to sell the domain name to you, that was one thought I had. It all comes down to money and time, though. Who's willing to give, who has enough to share.
  • I'd donate
  • Claw we both have talked about this...
  • You and Dave or you and I, Pottle?
  • I don't have the money, but I have the time and enthusiasm. I'm more in favor of buying out this place and having a new owner. Maybe we could make a new place or something, but that seems like a lot more work. Work that is almost unnecessary. For the moment as things are, I'll continue doing my job, and I'll still encourage people to come here because we still have a good vibe on this forum. To me, that vibe is the thing that makes this board special.
  • revival! can we... SURVIVE HELL?
  • I dunno about the good vibes on this forum. This forum has an odd feel right now. It certainly has people with the capacity to make it positive. :)
  • Agreed Dave
  • well i stand by that thing i said of how for being so small and mellow / easy to keep up on and mostly no anger or trolling/trawling etc... how many people felt the need to leave forever or take breaks... so damn strange! maybe to others they'd find it weird the idea of being on some same board for like 10+ years? i think it can be fun! but then when a board that it has nearly been ten years exactly goes down it is SO SO SAD (MEN WITHOUT HATS BOARD! The Cyboard!) ... so sad! ... July 2002 i joined and i was so keyed up for the 10 year anne man! and the new album! as soon as one brother realized he lost THE GAME he threw in the damn towel and blew everything up! what a jerk!
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    Dude when I took a break from the board, the stuff I was reading was anytthing but mellow. Sayin'. But a lot of people have just left because they've lost interest in what's been going on here.
  • How would a new board fix that though? We would get the same people that post here on there. Not to mention the board wouldn't appear in google searches like this one does. We'd be stuck with the same people with no newcomers.
  • Dave pulled a machiavelli hahaha. I thnk the people are perfect. More people wouldbing diversity. By diversity I mean people who like AC's different times, periods and elements. Diversity also in age and tastes of music outside of Animal Collective. If we revamp the site I think more people would come. I'd donate... i suck with computers though.
  • "How would a new board fix that though?" I don't think it would. But no one thing will. The problem of general stagnancy on the board is made up of a lot of little things. Having an active forum owner would allow for advertising to happen (that's the only reason this one pops up on Google -- ads aren't that expensive and this one would show up on the first page of a Google search as soon as it was paid for) in new ways as well as old, meaning there could be advertisements in different places or on different forums and such; it would allow for a working downloads page to happen; it'd allow for a working search feature and topic subgroups and a board which has a format conducive to clear and useful information gathering and posting; it'd also allow for forum-wide votes on changes to moderators, or to stylistic changes of various sorts, or to new features being added on the website. Right now we have very little or none of those things. What you're saying is true about this not being a cure-all. I just feel like the board's format and lack of active administration is one problem among multiple major problems that contribute to the board's stagnancy. And it's one issue that has an easy route toward dealing with concretely. As far as people go, I'm not too concerned about that. I like the people here right now, it seems, and it'd be cool to have a forum that's pleasant to use for all involved.
  • i mustn't abandon my post! i'm like desmond in the damn d-BUNKER! see you in another life, bruthah! don't chu evah! i'm going down with this ship!
  • darling... you weren't foolin!
  • but can we... SURVIVE HELL?
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