Today's Supernatural.

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They played it on the radio broadcast and now it's officially out as the first single! Thoughts?


  • great. a tad too clean, i wish it was more mesy, darn you ben allen! ive never heard avey's voice like this
  • Yesssss!!!! Knew it Didnt see this til after i posted the link in the radio show thread
  • the mixing seems strange
  • It feels like Strawberry Jam funnelled through the energy of their older material but with the polish (aalllllmost to a fault) of Merriweather. His voice sounds dope and Panda's drumming kills it.
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    Bionic hee-haw!
  • LOVE IT.
  • i was like whuhhhhh first listen. on third listen and ive decided i love it
  • i didnt really care for honeycomb or gotham on the first like 5 listens, now im in love with them, i wonder how much ill love this song when ive heard it more and its within the album
  • I feel lame, but I think I'm going to wait for the whole album.
  • I only listened thrice. And now I am done until the album comes out.
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    I started to listen and then stopped. But that's because I'll feel like I need to skip it the first time I listen to the album so the other songs catch up. And also because my computer speakers aren't as good as the one's I'd like to debut the new stuff on.
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    I don't know exactly why, but I really like it. It has tons of replay value. A bit much more than I was expecting, so I'm not disappointed at all.
  • Listened 3 times and it just gets better and better. I'd love to just not listen to it until i get to hear the whole album, but i know thats not happening. Dammit its just tooooo good
  • Its pretty good, and I do agree that the mixing is pretty weird. I still really enjoy this new somg though, that much more excited for the full album now!
  • Erratic Seesaw Bionic Heehaw I love those lyrics!!!
  • Wow, I totally forgot about the radio broadcast (damn friends pulling me away from AC). This was one of my favorite songs live so let's see what I think of the recorded version. My Reaction: Oh God? I liked it on my first listen, the mixing is a little confusing at first, but this record is going to have so much replay value because of the chaos inside of it. Also, I feel as if that song will be better if it was not out of context of the album. Overall, now on my 4th listen, I think it's marvelous in almost everyway. The vocals, the drumming, the soundscape, the ending, and the effects, all of them were AnCo and all of them were amazing. They didn't disapoint me. Now give me some Monkey Riches next week!
  • I still haven't listened to it and I am pondering whether I should or not.
  • narnia, dont listen to it. it'll be so worth it
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    narnia i admire your will power
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    I wish I had seen your comments! I just listened to it. It did not sound at all like I had expected it to. I understand what people are saying about the weird sound mixing... I am not sure if I like it or not. It did not have the same type of energy I expected from hearing the live performances. I plan not to listen again until the album's release.
  • I hope Monkey Riches isn't next week. I want it to be a surprise... if they release it I won't be able to help myself
  • WAIT WAIT WAIT.... They are releasing a new song each week?!?!
  • Live version had a little more screaming. This album is going to be so fun!
  • I would have preferred there been more screaming but it stills sounds really good.
  • That's what I missed on first listen also. The track still has amazing energy. This version will become my favorite soon.
  • Second listen, I'm dancing.
  • Bionic Heehaw has to be the greatest lyric of all time
  • Who HASN'T listened to it yet? Me, Oaken, GO...
  • mitch, nothing is confirmed
  • Still haven't...and won't. Though I hope my power to resist means my preorder will arrive early! Even Monday the 3rd would be great!
  • I was so tempted yesterday. I had to listen to Honeycomb and Gotham multiple times.
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    Ah yes. Nice sublimation. I went the Person Pitch route.
  • listened for the fourth and hopefully last time until the album arrives at my doorstep. i officially love everything about this song, its so awesome. man i love AC so much. this is the coolest way they couldve released their first single too. i cant wait until next sunday
  • I swear Honeycomb/Gotham sound so much better to me after listening to Today's Supernatural
  • in what way, sufy?
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    I think it has to do with the hype surrounding Today's Supernatural getting split onto Honeycomb/Gotham for me. As soon as I heard it, I felt like I could only listen to new AC and nothing else. If that makes any sense. Which I fudging hope it does.
  • Only listened to Today's Supernatural once and did not connect with it at all. But perhaps I just feel like that cause the song is being isolated into a single. I bet it'll sound better mixed in with the rest of the album. :O I prefer Panda Bears new releases. Simplistic (in a sense) instrumentals. Thats more up my alley.
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    It's been said... shark jump. Could it be? Let Go wasn't one of my favorites from the tour so I'm not too worried, but I dunno. It's gonna be really fucking hard to beat their last four albums. Sung Tongs > Feels > SJ > MPP is quite a combo to top. I'm trying to keep my expectations limited.
  • not to mention each one of those had an outstanding follow-up EP, and i dont think CHz will even have one
  • I am really hoping for a sweet ep to drop late next spring or something, that would be nice
  • seems unlikely considering how identical their set lists were on last year's tour.
  • I have high hopes for CentiHz
  • You're wise to be optimistic. I have less faith in myself than to feel that way, if you follow what I mean.
  • I listened to TS two more times to decide on whether I liked it or not. I like it but not as much as I had hoped but it wasn't a favorite from last year perf's. I am more excited for Mercury Man, Wide Eyed and Monkey Riches.
  • So... How do you guys feel it compares to Merriweather's first single and second track, My Girls?
  • It's hard to listen to My Girls with fresh ears, as I'm sure it will be for these songs in a few months, but I think I like Today's Supernatural better. More energy. That being said, I feel like some of the Centipede Hz songs are maybe too energetic? I dunno. I love the crazy carnival sound, but I'm looking forward to more of the slower songs on the album.
  • Thought this was interesting.
  • I want to buy this from iTunes, but AC's comment on their fb about how Domino will send you the song for free if you already preordered is holding me back... Meh, its jut 99 cents!
  • I didn't even see that message on fb... Dang. Oh well. I can listen to it in the meantime! I just wish there was separate album art for the single.
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