Today's Supernatural.



  • I finally listened to this! And I liked it. It IS very energetic. I hope they balance the energy well throughout (and I KNOW they will) because if I hear two songs this energetic one after the other it may be too much for me. But who am I kidding, I liked it very much. I didn't love it, but I didn't love My Girls either (as if you can even compare MG to TS in any way!)
  • i hope this is by far the MOST mellow song on the album! and people are just like ahhhhhh! the hell is THIS!
  • and i'm glad i avoided the booties cuz all this talk of comparing to live blursions! that'd drive me nuts! they sucked out a lot of the oomph in some of the MPP songs (The Dreamer, BEARHUG) and StrawJAMB songs (FIRE WORKS, 4REV GREEN, CUCKOOX2) and even FEELS! (BLOCK GRAVEN, THE PURPLE BOT HELL {big big beast!}..>)) and then GRASS! oh god grass they got rid of the oh i NEED to see! a doctor... WHY???? no one will ever know! what they damn DID! imagine hearing we tigers live SUPER INTENSE and then the album version came out that'd be so messed up! what'd they DO!
  • Part of their approach this time around was to intentionally make the album sound like the live sets. If you listen to the boots Hcomb, Goth, and Super all sound much closer to how they were presented live than songs on past records. "i hope this is by far the MOST mellow song on the album! and people are just like ahhhhhh! the hell is THIS!" With you all the way on that note!
  • Actually GO's suggestion is pretty awesome
  • downloading right now
  • And Domino just sent the song to me in the mail! What a great band/label. It's going to be even harder to keep this song off of my iPod (aka listen to it 200 more times)
  • It was sent to me, so I listened. And hopped around a bit. But that's it! No more til the album comes out. Agreed, Vesufius: great band/label indeed. That was a great gesture. Also this: damn it! The album will NOT come a day early in the states, for sure, because Monday the 3rd is Labor Day! Hopefully that holiday doesn't delay the mail, either, so it doesn't arrive til the 5th. I don't think its quite possible that it would arrive as early as Saturday the 1st. Blah.
  • It comes out August 31 in Australia, right? Maybe they'll have it shipped by then? I hope so. At least there will be a leak by that time so that can hold you over.
  • Oh yeah--I though it came out on the 3rd in Australia, but you're right. Hmmmm, then. It just might arrive on the 1st!
  • by the 5th I'm assuming you're talking september. Otherwise I would have a heart attack (album in 4 days!) This song has so much anxt. It has lot's of thought and sounds so much like the live version it's rediculous# are they trying to be like pink floyd or somat? Anyway. I lie the song but don't love it. I'm assuming it will grow on me like all their songs do. Most bands love the song from the start and get sick of it soon, exact opposite with anco
  • i'm shittin giggles waiting for C-HZ GAHHHHHHHHHH
  • Does this mean I get it before all of you? Tehehe.
  • if it comes out in Australia soon I'm going to illegally download a copy just because I can't wait any longer. Then I will buy the vinyl when it comes out. :D
  • today is SUPER natural! and tomorrow succumbs to today!
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