• ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh choo
  • Well that escalated quickly. AnCo went from an album about lost radio frequencies, to actually being lost radio frequencies. Hopefully we'll get some Deaks in one of the episodes, maybe a sneak peak of the album, or maybe it'll just be a great way to spend Sunday nights for a while. This announcement makes me even more impatient for this new album.
  • I bet they'll throw in a track or two every time they do the broadcast. I'm excited!
  • i hope they don't play any of the new tracks! or least use spoiler tags
  • They won't be playing any of their music I don't think. It's going to be like their DJ set with that British radio show, pretty sure.
  • um this is happening right now why are we not blowing this UP!? its sooo good. i love it. they sampled jungle book. i mean whatta bosssss.
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    The Todd Terje song was great--on Panda's set.
  • My head pretty much exploded when Todays Supernatural came on They really shouldve given us a warning!!
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    I wasn't prepared for this whole Radio thing. Also, Welcome back Lylas. P.S. where can I listen to the whole thing again since I missed it the first time? Edit: found it
  • it was really groovy to hear it as it happened and everyone freaking out we should all def. try to be up on it the next 3 weeks i caved and went on CA ... the thread and eventually some chat room ... i mean it was fun to BE A PART OF IT! i did NOT expect a new song and i did NOT want to hear it before album but once it started i couldn't stop! it was just so amazing feeling! i suppose one listen won't hurt! but man i think they shouldn't have done that in a way it took the fun/focus a bit too much off of all of the radio setlists / choices that was so fun NIC CAGE ::: THE BEES! (they're going in my EYES! ahhh!) ... was HILARIOUS as was picking SUGAR RAY SOME DAY haha! and some of the garbled radio transmission parts and esp. when it was like.. flickering thru stations / warping thru time... into space! was so mega cool! i saw tico in the chat! and was pissing a LOT of unfunmulligans off! ha ha!
  • what was your name?
  • CA's hugely fun dude... ain't nothin' to cave to. it's an awesome board.
  • it's scummy and it was even back in 2005! blah! but yes there can still be some fun had there weirds me out the people who overly love me then the ones who overly hate me and i don't have half a clue who some of them even are! i was ROGER! poor roger! ROGERT THAT
  • there's cool people there, all i know. i don't really understand the polarization about you, either, though.
  • haha yeah why didnt you say you knew me? we couldve formed an ac.org alliance
  • GO, are you slippi werewolf? if you are i really dont understand the hate you were gathering in the radio thread last night
  • Did anyone record the show? It was something like 10am on Monday in Australia when the show was streaming and I missed it cause I was working. :((( Or know if anyone else anywhere recorded it?
  • Curses, you're from Australia too? I thought I was the only one!
  • Nope! :D What state you live in? I'm WA.
  • Hah, the furthest away I could be, Melbourne. Well, almost the furthest.
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    try here curses, i think it may be archived here. http://www.mixcloud.com/tag/animal-collective/ but it's still playing on loop here. http://www.radio.myanimalhome.net/
  • yeah it gets made available pretty quick but i urge people if they can to listen to the next 3 "live" and with other fans! people get SUPER pumped up and it's so fun! though i'm kind of afraid of them playing ANOTHER new song i want the new album to be fresh! i avoided the booties so much i don't want to ruin all that gah! it's so hard!
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    It's been a hilarious treat knowing you're Slippi Werewolf on CA and watching everyone freak out during their initial exposure to your eccentricity. CA is an awesome board and is THE PLACE to be if you're an Animal Collective fan right now. So many active users, old and new. Fun times on Sundays too, especially with G.O. around. ;D
  • I can't get on that board!!! Literally, I can not make a fricking account over there. I'd still be active on this board, but I jst want to have some presence on CA. If someone can tell me how to contact a board Admin, or bypass the code in red that I can't see, help me out. Thanks. I also listened to the Radio show yesterday, I love how they formated it all. Can't wait til next week.
  • Hi, in case anyone had trouble registering on CA, a few months ago the thing where the server sends out e-mails for pm notification or (most importantly) account verification has gone down. So people would register and not get the e-mail they needed to activate accounts. That's been turned off now so you can register with an activated account right away, so if anyone had any trouble registering in between the time of February 11th to March 31st, try registering again. And the reason some people don't like shlippi/g.o. is because he posts sexist and racist things, which whether a part of some sort of shtick, or irony, or some confusing post-ironic sincere reaction to political correctness being the worst burden middle class white men have ever had to bear, it's still kind of annoying to some people. But I don't want to drive things too far off-topic. Do you guys think deakin will play any solo stuff of his during his set this sunday?
  • I HOPE SO! Man, Deakin's still the guy I'm hoping to be the AC's George Harrison with some late-blooming extreme talent and voice shining through. I loved his 2010 sets, I wish he'd made that stuff into an album. I get the feeling he's a perfectionist about it, though.
  • "And the reason some people don't like shlippi/g.o. is because he posts sexist and racist things, which whether a part of some sort of shtick, or irony, or some confusing post-ironic sincere reaction to political correctness being the worst burden middle class white men have ever had to bear" Impossibru! I think, at least for G.O, he is just misunderstood. Everything he says should not be taken seriously. He is like any comedian. He will say some boderline racist/sexist stuff, but it should not be took seriously. It's not like he is some sort of moon nazi Great fucking film! He's kind of like South Park is a way. But, he is a nice guy, I know him well enough that the attention of his isn't malicious. Unlike real life encounters, one can ignore post. To me, G.O. is a twoll. Someone who want's to be funny and troll, they are friendly and just want to make people laugh. The moral of the story is: watch Iron Sky, you'll love it.
  • I don't think GO is a troll. I just think GO is GO, take him or leave him.
  • Well when he starts calling women "bitch" on account of their having trouble with his troll behavior in a discussion of feminism, it does start to feel a little malicious in my opinion. But hey, just trying to explain how someone could possibly have a problem with him, of course everyone does not have to share this opinion.
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    its funny, it shows alot about the two boards considering we love him and CA dis-likes him
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    :/ that's kind of a false equivalency. had he said the things here he's said on CA, he might not be as loved here.
  • I feel weird that we're talking about GO in front of him.
  • yeah it's kinda uncomfortable innit
  • Long live GO
  • i would hope so... he hasn't yet hit 30!
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    "its funny, it shows alot about the two boards considering we love him and CA dis-likes him" Don't kid yourself. They eat him up on the actual forum. I'm totally expecting Deaking to play some solo material given he's been touring it for so long and Panda suddenly pulled 2 "tracks" out of nowhere. Avey will almost certainly drop "Slow Words", "Song for Jerome", or "In Photographs" too. One can only hope, anyway.
  • That would be great if Deaks plays some of his solo stuff. Or maybe his radio thing will be the Africa release we've all been waiting for..
  • "the actual forum"?
  • I assume that means the non-current event forum. I really liked GO's poetry thread. But it got locked.
  • The actual forum as opposed to the chat room he apparently Danny DeVito'd (I wasn't there but I heard bad things haha).
  • Yeah, we get a "different" G.O. over here, so it's safe to say our views of him differ from CA's. Deaks needs to release his solo album in the next 8 months or something. He's already delayed it by a year or two, so it better be amazing. Better than Tomboy at least.
  • who are you on CA upright?
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    hmm i don't know you... do you stay in the top section?
  • after all these years i still don't have much sense of who anybody on there damn is! it really bugs me!
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  • tonight's the nighty! hey man look at deeks freaking out HE'S ON THE RADIO!!!
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