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Mew has a new EP out now called No More Stories that's available on iTunes. Also keep an eye out for their new full length CD that hits stores August 25th! <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->


  • yeah that EP was kind of a JOKE! ... 2 album tracks, and then 2 lemmings! the album is pretty good getting way more attention than i ever would have expected? who knew! mu, that's who! it's a bit mellow and not as melodik bombastik like in the past i def. like kites & friend/strangers more... weird to hear those that are kinda down on frengers? that's them at their height!
  • BRINGING THE MEW THREAD BACK FROM THE DEAD! I think I may be converting some of you into Frengers. <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=4&t=388&start=30</a><!-- l --> I believe, Mew is one of the BEST bands on earth. I know thats a big thing to say but I just love Mew's little hearts so much and their music does so much for me. Their music is heavenly and catchy and it can be sad at times but it can also be really heart warming, and creepy, and like IN-YOUR-FACE-I'M-SUCH-AN-AWESOME-SONG, and mysterious and.. gee I don't know. [b]A basic introduction to Mew[/b] Mew are Danish. They met in highschool. I think Johan and Bo knew eachother since primary. Before they were Mew they were Orange Chien. (quite a bad name IMO but they found the name Mew in a book a few years later) Jonas - Vocals, guitar (Won a few awards in Denmark for his interesting vocals) Bo - Guitar, sometimes back-ups (produces amazing riffs - Special) Silas - Drummer (the second best) FORMER Johan - Bass TOUR Dr. Watts - Keyboards Bastian - Bass Jonas is also an amazing artist. He makes the visuals that are projected behind the band on shows and he has an incredible world in his imagination. My personal fav songs are: Behind The Drapes Special Saliva Am I Wry? No The Seething Rain Weeps For You Fox Cub Vaccine 156 Silas The Magic Car Popular Mew songs: 156 The Zookeepers Boy Am I Wry? No Comforting Sounds (They end every live show with this song) I really hope you guys like Mew I think they're definitely a band worth checking out Tell us what you think of them. Jonas' vocals, fav songs, sounds and styles, whatever. ENJOYY!
  • PLEASE don't bring threads back from the dead!!! Too many already. Because doubtless someone will start a new one then this one will keep going etc. Just like how we have a billion ODDSAC threads.
  • I think bringing old threads back from the dead is a good idea actually, as long as the board isn't still so huge. Maybe not in the Animal Collective section, though.
  • BRINGING THE MEW THREAD BACK FROM THE DEAD ONCEMORE! here is a new Mew song, not the best quality sadly
  • screw mew! :(|) no not really... but man was their lead singer a smug jerk! and no more stories was not a good direction for them! (yet people LOVED it!) that apparjetik or whatever side thing at least brought some of the fun back there was NO talk of their latest album (don't eat the whole) banana (HAHA!~!!!) and weird things at play... barely any talk of their first one? as for mew i hope they can bounce back i do NOT like counting their first 2 albums cuz first was pretty boring and 2nd most was redone so i consider frengers their TRUE DEBUT! much like dan deacon and spider mang!
  • what did he do G.O ?
  • he just didn't care about ANYTHING! ... not fun to talk to at all! but then SOMEHOW apparently they went to a STRIP CLUB with our mexican friend after? we had to go home! but it just sounds strange as hell... mew at a strippy clubby haha! WITH A MEXICAN!
  • haha That crushes all my little fairytailish expectations I use to have of them if that strip club thing is true!.. ughh previous posts so embarrassing! I was such a fangirl X< That new song doesn't sound too bad.
  • fanny girly! SCREW! MEW! it's what they DO!
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