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I got Dan Deacon's new album Bromst, and i think it's sick. I wasnt sure what to expect since Spiderman of the Rings, i thought to could he possible layer his sounds and make it any more epic than it already is, the answer...more people...and by god he did it. Wolf Wolf!


  • this one appears to be quite the under-talked about album in what i've seen... seems it came and went and people forgot about it! i mean there are others like that but this one i thought would have been a bigger hit he really upped his Gaame!
  • and then the next one was pretty damn disappointing! yet many are LOVING it! that's what's REALLY weird / kind of annoying! america! hell yeah!
  • america isnt out yet GO
  • it has leaked though
  • I was not aware of this^
  • you didn't hear it from me
  • watch the skies for magik info!
  • America is streaming on NPR
  • i gave it another chance (with much lowered expectations) and i was still pretty disappointed he could have done so much better! oh well damn you deaks! (the both of you! dropping balls all AROUND town!)
  • Lol did you not like Wide Eyed?
  • no not that song! his album! was to be 2011 then 2012 and now it seems nowhere in sight farther off than ever before? talks of both projects (THE ALBUM / AFRICAN ADDVENTURE) morphing into ONE BEAST!
  • to gruel dem ball!
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