AC Movie

I really think there should be a documentary style movie about the band. That would be so sweet to me, it would be great.


  • Isn't ODDSAC that?
  • i feel like it would be kind of a bummer. they always talk about how tours were stressful, how they thought about breaking up a million times etc. when asked about their past
  • Hmm no I dont really think ODDSAC is what im thinking of. More of like what inspires the songs and overall feel of the albums, their childhood, hobbies, etc
  • it would be great to hear the band's take on porno music
  • it'd be great if they STARRED in a syko-delicate porn! oh GOD! with screaming ashid visuals and non-linear timelines! alternate timelines and running into yourself and well... one geo leads to an other! you get the idea!
  • hahaha laid-over colors and animal shapes peeking out of corners, what a time that'd be.
  • (joking mitch)
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