Im not sure if there is already a tgread for this or not, but id like to hear what you guys feel or think when you listen to music. For example, when I hear summertime cloyhes, it makes me want to go hop on my bike and ride around all night. Alvin row makes me want to go to town on the drums eveb though I cant play them haha.


  • most of animal collective makes me want to go hiking up a foresty-mountain. SJ makes me want to swim in the carribean with dolphins. some songs have INTENSE nostalgic values that make feel so hard. for example, someone great - lcd soundsystem, someone somewhere - luke temple, brother sport, grass
  • Kid A. Where to start.
  • When I listen to music I usually think of songs in terms of texture, like SJ. I feel that MPP has more feels than Feels but that may be because MPP is a lot more accessible and pop-influenced. When listening to AC I imagine being in a forest the song determines the time of day, season and the state of the trees. This summer I have been mostly listening to 60s French ye-ye (i.e Brigitte Bardot, Sylvie Vartan, Anna Karina), Nico, Stereo Total and Best Coast. Collectively, they all (except for Stereo Total) emote feelings of summer nostolgia and a want for better times (Beach House).
  • Somewhat related - on a day with a blackout during the afternoon, which lasted hours and hours, I lay in the living room in the heat and listened to Sung Tongs with earphones in a half-asleep, half-awake sort of trance. I'm not sure I heard every single moment, but what I heard in that half-asleep trance was indescribable. So Sung Tongs is now my go-to trance/trippy album, and I refuse to listen to it unless I'm at least slightly tired and in a calm, comfortable position. [img]http://i.imgur.com/pMHY1.jpg[/img] True story.
  • That was a great story, I like hearing stuff like that
  • based on a true story!
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