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Come on, y'all need to get on this! It would be awesome if someone from acorgi won the You Mix thing. Geologist- [i]We encourage you to make your own radio shows and share them with one another through a Mixcloud site we are setting up. At the end of August we’ll randomly select five people who have submitted their own shows and send them test pressings of the Centipede Hz vinyl. We will have upload instructions soon, but in the meantime go ahead and get started. When editing together your own show, feel free to use any of the sounds we’ve provided for you here. If you want to create and include any phrases of your own that are in line with the sounds we’ve been using in the videos and some of these radio shows, here is a little guide to how I do it… There is an app called Type n Talk. It’s free and basically sounds like Speak & Spell. There are probably others but when I was looking for one to download, it’s the first that came up. While mixing Centipede Hz, we were killing time at the studio by playing around with some synthesizer apps we just found, and it turned into a pretty long drone jam. I got hungry and wanted to tell the other guys we should get lunch, but I didn’t want to kill the vibe so while we were playing I quickly looked for a robot voice app that I could program to say “Who wants lunch?” and started looping it until the other guys realized what it was saying. We ate shortly after, and later went on to use the same voice on the album and in the videos we’ve been releasing on our website. Once you have the app, type in the word or phrase that you want it to say. Sometimes the app pronounces things differently than how you want, so you need to play around with the spelling. For example, Avey Tare worked best when spelled Avey Tair, and anytime I wanted it to say Centipede Hz, I had to spell it “Centipede hurts.” Where you place commas and periods can also influence the cadence, but in general that aspect of it is pretty limited. After it sounds how you want it to, record it and make a digital file that can be transferred into the iTunes library on your iPhone or iPad. Then download the Moog Filtatron app (not free). In the sampler window, you can import the file into the app, and then use the filter and effects to make it sound a bit more alien and sci-fi. When you’re happy with how it sounds, record it within the app and then export the file out through the ftp process in the About window. Any of the drones can be made with synthesizers, oscillators, etc… digital or analog, virtual or real. Obviously, any of the radio samples can just be recorded off the radio and cut up into however you want it to sound. That’s all there is to it. Have fun and take care, Geologist[/i] [i]1. Go to our MixCloud YouMix Page: 2. Create a MixCloud account and upload an orignal mix of music. The only rule is that the mix should include at least 8 tracks of your choosing. The mix can be as long as you'd like. 3. Feel free to include some of the Centipede Hz audio samples and IDs provided or create your own using the instructions below. The use of these sounds is not required. 4. Title the mix whatever you like, but at the end include the following text: Centipede Radio 5. Tag your mix Animal Collective YouMix. If the mix is not tagged correctly, your mix may be missed. 6. Add the tracklist for your radio mix and include a description. 7. Upload your own original artwork or use the image here ( [/i] Make some mixes, and post em on here. I think I'll make one a little later.


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