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I have no idea how anyone obtained this track, but after listening you KNOW it's real. It cuts off right before the end, but it's still worth the listen if you can't wait. This song has me even more excited, now I know that this album will be great.


  • CA member lucasmoreira has a tumblr with the AC radio stream, so he got the stream instead of the copy of avey's transmission and this was playing on it randomly last night
  • its blocked!
  • Its such a great song, I'm listening to it now. Its really sweet. As in literally sweet. I can taste it. :-S
  • how did you listen to it! Tell me please!
  • The youtube video above
  • pm dearest
  • pm me this. i will love you forever
  • i was responding to peacefish's post. i don't have a copy of it. dearest is a member on collected animals and on this site, you ought to be able to message him and ask him for a copy. but, i mean, you'll have the whole thing tomorrow anyway.
  • Yeah if you havent heard it by now, you might as well just wait
  • ... The whole album's going to be out tonight, think you can wait till then krishna?
  • I'm not listening to Applesauce yet, I can hold out until I have the full thing..
  • pork chops and appled sauce!
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