Your favourite Animal Collective Song



  • yes! Slippi is their best song! SLIPPI IS THEIR BEST SONG! me? i was BORN slippy!
  • ananana slippi (intense screams). those screams are insane, i love that song
  • God yes. Fucking love Leaf House. I didn't know it til someone showed me this strange book he had, but its about this book called House of Leaves. Crazy fucking book, but neat. Leaf House is probably one of my top favorite songs. Love that shit on headphones.
  • SLIPPI is top five also. Love love love
  • leaf house is their most industrial and technical song, like, the composition is perfect. dat buildup
  • avey hadn't read house of leaves... it was may 2007! ... i said man you GOT to read it! i bet he never did! damn that avey!
  • 50 Year Sword this OCTOBER came out Oct 2005! been waiting 7 years for this god dammit! but it won't stop the pain of the bullshit that is THE FAMILIAR expected it 2012 (since 2000 / 2006 / 2012..just made SENSE!) but no! 2014 27 volume ... 1 per 3 months until 2021? oh man screw that! gah! i see the idea behind him doing a "serialization" of it and wanting feedback / people talking but this was sept 2010 first announced then sept 2011 and now it's almost sept 2012 it coulda shoulda been THIS year oh WELL i'll just continue to burn in hell!
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    Couldn't narrow it down so i'll do my favorite from each album: Alvin Row Meet the Light Child Pride and Fight Moo Rah Rah Rain Slippi Winter's Love Grass Fireworks Guys Eyes From Centipede Hz so far it'd have to be Monkey Riches From EPs: People Water Curses I Think I Can Solo: We Built a Robot Untitled 3 Bros You Can Count on me Ghost of Books Best single b-side thing: Safer
  • It's all about Alvin Row. That song fills me up with a lot of emotion. I was walking to school listening to it and I randomly burst out laughing. The drop in that song is also very incredible. SOMEDAY I WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY THE WHOLE THING. My favorite back to back is Native Belle and Hey Light though.
  • Why hadn't I listened to Water Curses before?? I feel like a big big fool
  • rokky i always forget that you havent even heard a good chunk of their discography.. or has that changed since spring?
  • Which album has the best cover in your opinion? I really like strawberry jam's cover and I also really like Fall Be Kind's cover
  • Here Comes the Indian by far!!! ac isn't really all that great for album covers and they're REALLY bad for music videos mostly! i find this so odd!
  • definitely hcti and i love mpp too
  • JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -inside the singing box. I started with MPP. After seeing their other albums MPP seems almost boring. When I am an old man with little ability to hear or listen to music, if I hear merriwheather it will conjour nastalgia that no other music from now could.
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    No love for the Sung Tongs cover? I mean, look at it. [IMG][/IMG] Look at it. [IMG][/IMG] L-look a-at it.. [IMG][/IMG] L-l-loook at iitt-LOOK AT IT!!!! [IMG][/IMG]
  • I know ticon, I've barely listened to any of the EPs yet, and I need to right that soon..
  • youre in for a treat, FBK is golden
  • of all the sounds they have gone through (freak folk, post-modern pop, satanist, etc) my favorite is what they did for water curses. That is my favorite. stange percussion that is automated allows panda to sing, the guitar sounds cool, interesting lyrics and all that. I wish it was a full LP because that set up and sound is soo cool. I would incoporate FBK into that to an extent at least wwiws which is an amazing song
  • When were they satanist? I've never heard that used to describe music. I really like the vibe to Water Curses too, especially Cobwebs and Seal eyeing. It's my favorite EP. That and People
  • Oddsac = satanist Lol
  • they were briefly satanist in 2006... not much was going on that year release-wise and they dabbled slightly with satantik sounds but then realized they had gone too far! (to lose it all!)
  • i never really dug seal eyeing (SEE: LION! lying in a coma that poor feline!) and people as an EP is kinda off... the live people and lemming colours... it should have been PEOPLE/TIQUID/FICKOSYKO/muffins+colors! oh if only! and then maybe HONEYCOMB/GOTHAM/MURKMAN/CRIMSON+CLOVER!
  • also i never felt the sung tongs cover matched the album's sound... i think i said this before! in a weird way the indian art fits more with it but that's due to the similar feeling of the rabbit video / 7inch cover ... THAT fits more the feeling i gets!
  • i think their best era of sound/set-up is a tie between danse manatee and FBK
  • whats an example of their satanist sounds? The Indian artwork is probably my favorite, I would love a huge poster of it, but the LP will have to do!
  • [img][/img] It's pretty agreed that the Indian cover art is fantastic. G.O. [!]: I actually feel the Sung Tongs cover really does match the album's sound. Then again, I have very trippy connotations with that album, so maybe that's why. The stark red and yellow, the grinning zombie-types, match perfectly my connection to the album (if that doesn't sound pretentious) Back to what you said earlier, G.O, I don't like AnCo's music videos that much either, though I rarely like a music video unless it's something special. But I love the majority of the covers, and by the way has Spirit not been mentioned?
  • Here Comes the Indian is clearly their best album cover, worst would be Hollindagain for me, i kinda like the cover for Danse as well for some reason..
  • I dont know which one is the actual cover though
  • I think their best music video is the one for Blush. The dancing, the color, the bubbles, all fit perfectly with the song. It looks like a lucid dream. Their videos seem to be a visual experience to go along with the mood of the song rather than story based, except for WCWAR.
  • The one with the angels is the cover for Spirit, the first one is for the Spirit/Danse reissue CD from 2003, they weren't called Animal collective when Spirit first came out. I love the original handmade Hollinndagain covers
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    Really digging the pantha du prince Peacebone remix right now!
  • Although the only resemblance to the song Peaebone are a few samples taken from it.
  • i need to get an OG hollin before they disappear off of the face of the sell-osphere
  • i think sung tongs is my favorite cover. To me it looks like a visual for freak-folk music. my favorite AC song atm is their cover of On a Plain. I finally actually listened to it.
  • The Hollins are prettey expensive, I wish I had money :(
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    ive seen animal crack boxes go for more than OG hollins
  • im kidding about the satanist thing but if you need an example... some of ttg and oddsac?? naw,definetly some negative feelings going on in ttg. People is strange to be called an ep to me. I loved tikwid and listened to just that song for 500 times straight and then got very very sick of hearing it. I never got much into the actual song people as its kind of like really getting into queen in my pictures, nice to sick back and listen to but not enough substantial cpntent to be like "this is my favorite song!!!" I like sung tongs art. Warm colors, warm music. still need to hear animal crack box
  • people (live) is PART of the people ep, not a bonus song. i think thats awesome, like a little ep wrapped by the centerpiece
  • This is funny stuff speaking of this satanist stuff. Ftom an article on ODDSAC But one shoot involving child actors came to a crashing halt when one of the mothers accused Perez of being a Satanist, pulled her child out off the set and threatened to sue if he used any of the footage. Further adding to the prevailing air of bad vibes, a gaffer fell off a ladder and hurt himself, the producer assistant suffered a panic attack, and one of the child actors ate too many cookies off the catering table and vomited all over herself. The scene, which Perez refers to as 'The Satin Entertainer,’ features Animal Collective's Dave Porter, aka Avey Tare, wearing caulky white-face makeup and satiny-scarlet vestments, seated on a dais, surrounded by children and making cryptic utterances. The scene was filmed at the home of Dibb's parents. Dibb's mother is a 'spiritual consciousness therapist' and there is a meditation room adjoining the Dibb family homestead in Maryland. The room is hexagonal and festooned with a purple carpet, and because of its small size, only cast and crew were allowed inside during the shoot. When the parent in question—hopped-up on Red Bull and chain-smoking, according to Perez—got a look at the set, she assumed they were filming some kind of Black Mass ritual and went ballistic in front of all the other parents. Soon everyone was demanding an explanation."I had to sit all the parents down and assure them that I was a nice guy and there was nothing to worry about," recalls Perez. "They wanted to know what other scenes we had shot and everything I could think of was not very parent-friendly—'hmmm, let's see there's the scene with the vampire with the melting head, and the girl in the room with the black goo coming out of the wall and the family sitting around the campfire with marshmallow goo foaming out of their mouths'— but somehow I gained their trust back."
  • Hehe thats hilarious
  • Winters Love Mr. Fingers Amanita In the Flowers Banshee Beat Turn into Something or Essplode!!!!!!!!!!
  • well, today is the last day I listen to Summertime Clothes, until next summer. Its kinda sad, cause it means summer is over and school is starting, but at least I get to bust out the fall music now!
  • You really do that, Mitch? I'd never tolerate that, playing music by season! :)
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