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Let's discuss how perception of an album affects enjoyment of it. I'll give an example - I'd listened to Sung Tongs quite a number of times, and while I liked it a lot it was nowhere near one of my favourite AnCo albums. But, as I said in another thread, circumstances led to me listening to ST during an afternoon blackout, lying in the living room in the heat feeling very sleepy. That circumstance completely changed the album to me - now it gives me all sorts of trippy/creepy/awesome vibes and at the moment it's in my top 3 AnCo LPs. So that random circumstance changed how I perceive the album completely. Has something like this happened to you guys? Does this make me seem weak, because the greatness of Tongs should be enjoyed in any situation? [img][/img] [i]Pictured: Don't google 'trippy' unless you're ready, kids[/i]


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  • i have strong emotional ties with sung tongs and hcti sung tongs because it was my favorite AC album in a really great part of my life hcti because i once listened to it on a dark bus in the middle of the winter while staring at the ice meltage on the window that looked exactly like an elephant
  • yeah i get the same thing too. i was painting a fence on a beautiful 69 degree day smoking a doobie the first time i listened to sung tongs, it was memorably good.
  • i associate nearly every ac album with certain walks at night... spirit SUPER late by the river / downtown damn dam danse on a late night walk and a cop stopped to talk to me (hehe!) indian in this one park feels down by the missippi river park and a different park at night strawjamb down by that same miss pee purk but at night creepy as hell!
  • Sapplesauce
  • on depressing long walks from downtown at night to home I stare up at the moon and close my eyes and pink floyd plays any colour you like and all kind of images conjour up in my head. but thats pink floyd
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    fall be kind late night bike rides out in the countryside. strawberry jam in the busy city streets, feels in the presence of love, merriwhether when im high or mowing the lawn, campfire songs when i sleep, danse when im feeling crazy, indian when im feeling energetic, spirit whenever im in contact with places of my childhood, water curses in the car, idk, sung tongs when im making art, panda or Avey when I shower, hollindagain when i want to jam along, oddsac if ive got a free hour or so, TTG when i know im safe,
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    [img][/img] I finally managed to into Spirit, and it's awesome. The sheer goodness, the sheer simple beauty of it compared to Hz which is like a sonic jungle (steadily growing on me by the way.) I think [Untitled] has made me reevaluate what I look for in music in general. It's terrible to listen to, practically everyone I know would say it's not music, and yet it's not so terrible at all. It is what it is. I'm probably overreacting or whatever, because this has been my first full listen of every STGSTV song in order (I know, I know) but Spirit may just be my favourite AnCo of all. I think Alvin Row has skewed my perspective completely, given that it's the perfectest perfection of perfectness ever perfected, but I really think this is true. I can't believe it's taken me this long. (Now some semi-surreal poetry) Spirit is white and green walls and cloudy days, And circular light bulbs and chandeliers, And Chandlers too.
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