Chicagoan going to see AnCo in NYC, with no one to go with.

Hey there guys. So starting in October, I am going on my first travels abroad. But I really wanted to see AnCo on the tour, and since they aren't stopping in Chi on this tour, I figured why not just start my 2 month long trip in NYC and see them there. And I've never been to NYC either. So I am really excited to go out there and see them, but I don't know really know anyone in NYC. A few friends will be in NYC at the same time for different reason, and they said the might go, but I'm not really counting on it. So I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind an extra person to their party. Going to AnCo isn't as fun as coming with some friends! A little about me. I am a 20 yr old guy. People tell me I am really nice and generous. Obviously AnCo is one of my favorite bands. Saw them last year at Pitchfork and it was the most ecstatic night of my life! Can not wait to have a repeat of the night. I plan on going with party favors so just a heads up if that makes you uncomfortable. Depending on the size of the group I might have some to share! If anyone is looking for more people to go with would love to hear from you. Ask me anything you want so we can get to know each other better!


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