Ariel Pink's Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

What are your thoughts on this creature and his music?


  • He's great and I'm his friend on facebach
  • Who sunk my battleship? I sunk my battleship.
  • is this the best spot? this is the best spot. i like to pretend there was nothing before before today! like it was the true debut! well no that's not quite true but in general i've heard every damn album and all the early ones kinda mesh together in my head (for a very good reason too!) ... though i remember 4 K8 EYE AWAIT! being my fave back in the day saw the guy in 2005 he was pretty bad... saw him in 2010 he was still pretty bad! fool me once... won't be seeing him a third time! which is sad cuz new album has some really great songs the guy's just kind of an ass / jerk full of himself crazy has SERIOUS mental problems but that doesn't mean you can be an ass! a jerk! take it out on people coming to see you live? SCREW YOU buddy!
  • Yeah he's a doucebag, like his music though. I think John Maus is his cooler counterpart. He's nice in interviews, crazy on stage but is good to his fans, etc.
  • he just seems so damn pretentious! combined with batshit insane / awkward! he grew up in Austin, MN where my grandparents live / dad grew up SPAMTOWN USA! apparently he lives there now? for like the last 2 years i could go to his damn house and say HELLO! and there's nothing he could do to stop me! THE DEMON!
  • He'd probably kill you GO; or just slam the door on your face. The Doldrums is awesome though, played to my girlfriend today and she said she didn't mind it B-)
  • Call me closed-minded but.. Having heard of this guy, I looked him up on There he is, in a pink dress. [img][/img]
  • For Kate I Wait seems to be everyone's favorite (including AC). I downloaded the leak and all of the songs on the album were in the same place except for Is This the Best Spot? I felt like the song had read my thoughts.
  • [quote=Mzrokkks]Call me closed-minded but..Having heard of this guy, I looked him up on Last.fmThere he is, in a pink dress.[/quote] Seriously? A guy being in a pink dress is going to turn you off from his music? I will call you closed minded.
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    Do you like Atlas Sound, Miz?
  • Pink dress, meat dress... All these pop stars are the fucking same (:|
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    I'm sorry. I'm really, wholeheartedly sorry guys. I didn't think through what I was writing, and would never say it out loud. It's my knee-jerk-Maltese-hostility-to-newness thing, as open minded as I thought I was it's still here. Now I am decided (nay, determined!) to listen to something of this dude's stuff. What album to begin with? I truly am sorry guys, I won't be such a ([i]word for someone who is closed minded?[/i]) again. And P.S I'd heard some of Atlas Sound's stuff, didn't really like it much but it was quite long ago so I have to give him a relisten.
  • Btw, Clawed, do you have a picture of a younger Thom Yorke in a prom dress covered in pig's blood? Because then it would all make sense. @-)
  • Pahaha, I'm looking it up now! Narnia mentioned Atlas Sound cause Bradford's known for wearing sun dresses in his early days of performance. Ah, I couldn't find the pic of Thom... really dissapointed. Here's Bradford Cox in a dress instead: [IMG][/IMG]
  • i can't find the pic of pink in a pink dress? where is this!
  • it weirds me out that it would weird someone on here out though? in this day and or rage! and liking AC! i mean what the HELL
  • I only have a couple of vinyls, but I've always loved his music.
  • [quote]it weirds me out that it would weird someone on here out though? in this day and or rage! and liking AC! i mean what the HELL[/quote] Ok guys i'm feelin like you're being a bit too harsh on Mzrokkks... There are so many factors to what a person considers weird, it'd be wrong to just stop and blame it on closed mindedness. Cuz this guy is totally not closed minded. Lol
  • Yeah, I am sorry Miz. Clawed, I was going to post a picture of Brad in a dress!
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    [quote]this guy is totally not closed minded [/quote] maybe he's just... closet blinded! uh!
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  • Maybe you're just... Generic comeback! uh! [img][/img] TO clarify, does closet blinded mean something in the US, or is it just a really awesome G.O [!] thing which gets lost in translation?
  • I don't even think lost in translation would be the correct term....
  • One can only imagine what the true translation of G.O [!]'s words would mean. It would be like Salvador Dali's Christmas and Easter rolled into one and then dipped into decaying clocks
  • [quote] It would be like Salvador Dali's Christmas and Easter rolled into one and then dipped into decaying clocks[/quote] I want this to come to fruition, but I guess reading G.O. posts will have to do for now.
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    I want this to happen too ^
  • well jeez i don't!
  • and sure enough i DID!
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