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At least I think they are. The one with avey kind of bothers me, the interviewer seems to be almost making un of him.


  • Yeah you're right about the one with Avey, but at the same time, Avey was obviously having a lot of fun with him, especially when he said he'd sometimes do weird satanic stuff on tour when he was bored. He was obviously joking there. Right? RIGHT?
  • I've read the P4K interview and the Dave interview up til now, and it did seem he was being made fun of a bit in the latter. But he was cool with it I think, and it was a pretty good interview besides. I love this monologue, by the way: [b]With Centipede Hz, which came first, the music or the creepy Rocky Horror Picture Show mouth cover?[/b] I think the music kind of came out of it, that image. I definitely think it came about in a similar way, with similar words. Or new words that were tossed around in a similar fashion. “Centipede,” and especially describing energy. Music has a lot of ecstatic energy, and it’s really good for us all to be playing and trying to capture that kind of thing. So yeah, I think it’s just throwing around words. And I think that’s just vocabulary that we used to describe music and to talk about music when we’re making it, when we’re writing it, you know, it becomes a fun way, a more exploratory way to explore music and get into it, talking about images. Because we all like film a lot, and we spend a lot of time watching movies together, especially when we’re working, that it’s become a pastime, and I think that effects it too. The way visuals come across and the way visuals are mixed with music and sound and soundtracks. I think it all comes together in this way, in the environments we like to create. We think of everything as this new environment. A sonic environment that we’re trying to create.
  • Just read the Avey interview, the guy was really unprofessional. You'd think it's a good thing but it just made the interview.... I dunno.
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    These were pretty great reviews though overall, some awesome insights. I don't read many interviews, but the AnCo guys seem to legitimately be really cool people to talk to. Also, Deaks lives in Portugal?
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    The interviewer thinks he's way too funny for his own good. Interviewers/reviewers/journalists like this are just irritating as fuck.
  • [quote=Mzrokkks]Also, Deaks lives in Portugal?[/quote] Panda does, Deak just went to visit.
  • Whoops, I meant Panda. I'd just read the Deaks interview and mixed them up. Yes, the interviewer has something of an ego. But then again, people with giant ego's can be awesome too! Figure 1: [img][/img] Figure 2: [img][/img] Ok, nevermind.
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    Haha i was gonna say.. Rick Ross sucks! I wonder how it would affect his tatoos if he managed to lose the man boobs
  • Whoa, Geologist says he hasnt listened to Merriweather since 2008. I havent listened to it since 20 minutes ago haha.
  • I don't really expect anyone from MTV to behave, so I wasn't surprised to see how much of a jackass that guy was being to Avey Tare but he took it well
  • So, so, so, so, Jizz? Do you jizz, Avey?
  • [quote]What if he’s like “I want to be Panda Bear?” That’s fine. You won’t be a teeny bit defensive? “You’re the Geologist or you’re nothing!” No, no, not at all. He can be anybody he wants to be. If he wants to be somebody from Animal Collective, I have no problem with that. He can be Panda Bear if he wants[/quote] damn that cracked me up... yr the geologist or you're NOTHING! you get nothing! :(|) also geo as THE HARPO of the band (ha!) i'm the harpo! i guess that meaks deeks is ... THE ZEPPO! oh GOD? also us listening to alien music = the equiv of mozart listening to dubstep ha! so true! i thought they were something different... more casual / stupid in a way it gives the guys a chance to show more of their personality than really straight up / same old same old line of questioning... y'know?
  • think you know! you get NOTHING! you LOSE! good day sir! grandpa!
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