seeing things from different perspectives

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is amazing and great and stuff. i feel like a lot of the best artistic things are these prism-esque concepts that are just perfect at any level of attention to detail or new understanding. know what i'm sayin'?


  • Not really, could you explain that better please? :) I do kind of have an idea of what you're saying, but what artistic things are you referring to in particular?
  • I'm just going state the obvious, a bit off topic what you seem to have in mind Dave, but spill my view out simply because, but, Seeing things from different persepectives (in a non artistic sense) certainly IS amazing and great and stuff, I agree. If you didn't gain different perspectives on things then your mind would loop and loop and you'd never grow. Different perspectives can open your mind to things you've never considered or would have never considered alone otherwise, and could help you dig yourself out of a bad situation and feel better about it.......... If you never delve out into the unknown and seek different perspectives, you may forever, or just certainly for an unnecessarily long time, be stuck in a constant, bland, no good mind state. HM, maybe I'm speaking too much from personal experience. I don't knoww. Anyhow, go back to what you were trying to say. :)
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  • what you said about things looping is interesting too cuz like, all "perspective" is is a momentary snapshot/representation of how one sees things at a particular moment, which means that any change in mental scenery (what we're seeing now) is a change in perspective. so it's necessary for there to be different designated levels of intensity or significance in changes in a person's perspective. and so i guess this relates to what i was saying, and i'm going to try to use this to explain here what i meant by my first post which was admittedly ambiguous, in the first post, in which i was trying to describe a piece of art that, no matter what the mood of the listener is, is still very affecting and beautiful as well as seeming wholly other. i guess i can use the dead's music as an example since i know a lot about them and not much about many other musicians. a lot of people feel the exact same way toward jerry. just total love and devotion for this person and his music. what experience was he distributing through his music that made the reactions in this one group of people so consistent and, in this case, intensely positive? i guess the conclusion i draw is that i think we express ourselves to each other in ways that are just not fully understood by us. they may be, at some point, too. but there's some kind of communication of energy or something that's going on in music and art and everyday life and between people. and great art is just like a crown jewel of this energy-driven stuff, it's this moment that is perceived that somehow the artist got this moment in this artwork [i]just exactly right[/i]. i hope this makes sense, i really tried.
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