Grizzly Bear

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i was suprised i didn't find a thread about them. I like their hot licks! especially marla, and ready able.


  • I'm seeing them tonight! <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D -->
  • no way! thats tight. wanna trade places for a night. i got corpse bride from the library.
  • no waaaaaaaaaaay. they came earlier this year and tix sold out faster than fast so I was like AWW SMUCKS, but then they came back again because they love sydney clearly <!-- s:3 --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/nod.gif" alt=":3" title="nod" /><!-- s:3 --> yes, they're ticks sell very well here, they have five shows in the last 6 months and all have sold-out within a month. it's a beautiful thang.
  • Love Grizzly Bear! They have beautiful harmonies. I've never seen them live though. I could have, but didn't have a job at the time. But last night during two bands setting up at the OTBS fest Two Weeks played and I sang along. It was fun. oo, Here We Go Magic and Kid Sam will be at your gig tonight too. Fav songs could be.. Ready, Able , Marla, WYWFTO, Knife... I also really love the Department of Eagles work too.
  • I can't live without grizzly bear. They need a new album...NOW!! <!-- s>_<; --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/stressed.gif" alt=">_<;" title="stressed" /><!-- s>_<; -->
  • I'll tell you if they play any new stuff tonight <!-- s:3 --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/nod.gif" alt=":3" title="nod" /><!-- s:3 -->
  • I love Grizzly Bear. Did anyone else pronounce Veckatimest totally wrong at some point?
  • What do you mean totally wrong?
  • I still dont know how to pronounce it <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->.
  • I always think of it as vascetimist (sp? thats um...phonetical there). know... .....
  • HOLY SHIT THEY WERE GOOD. like dayum brother, that was amazing. they had all these lights in jars hanging round the stage that looked really pretty, and their bassist played a flute, clarinet and bari sax at different points. SO GOOD.
  • Sounds really nice. How big was the venue? When they played in Perth last year it was in a really small venue that would only fit maybe around 300 people. And how was the support acts, I know stupid question, and I've only heard a song by each buy I'm still interested to hear. hahaha. EDIT: I am really stupid - about Shinsy's post. I get what you mean now. I thought you meant pronounce in a different way. I pronounce it like 'vec-at-tim-mist'.. is that right?
  • [quote="we tigers"]I always think of it as vascetimist (sp? thats um...phonetical there). know... .....[/quote] I lol'd. And yeah that's right, curses!
  • NEW GB ALBUM THIS YEAR AAAHHHHHHH I follow Ed on twitter and he said the other day they were mixing the last track. hopefully it leaks before the release...or they at least put out a single !
  • No leaks! Leaks are sad! They should put a single though. Can't waaaaaait!
  • Grizzly Bear is one the bands on my "must get" list. I think I'll start with Yellow House.
  • thats a great place to start
  • I started with Yellow House too, but hopefully they can find another way to seperate themselves yet again from a lot of other mellowish Indie artists.
  • I think their sound is very divisive for the average mellow indie band, mostly Veckatimest. Their harmonic ability rivals Panda Bear in my book and Daniel Rossen's guitar/bango playing is very distinct. Grizzly Bear's one of those bands you can't mistake for another (except Department of Eagles, ehehehehe).
  • You are right, we kinda have the same point, I can tell Gizzly Bear apart from a lot of other bands, and I think they need to make an album with a little more power, like Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues".
  • Oh yeah, I totally agree. I mean, I love their mellowness, but it took me forever to get into their music because everything cool about the album except for Southern Point and Two Weeks is hidden from view. I think they need to do an album like Department of Eagles did, just busting down walls with banjo bliss and shit. We'll so what they do though, I'm sure we'll be salivating over it.
  • We can only hope!
  • grizzly BORE! eyah! they really should do some sorta BEAR musical festival with grizzly, panda, bear in heaven, bearsuit etc (a million others! AND OTTERS!) and only big hairy men are allowed in!
  • Minus the Bear is another one
  • bear in mind... we are unkind! grizzly bear... underwear!
  • KEVIN shields!
  • Kevin shields > other shields
  • naw! BROOKE is better!
  • sometimes... brooke is BETTAH
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    in case of bear attack, smack that fucker on the nose. or lovingly offer him homemade baked goods which to choose? not much to lose except limbs and body parts.
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    [img][/img] that bear could attack me any day. with hugs. [size=1]and claws[/size]
  • k so shields yay or nay? Whats the verdict? What do YOU think? Now that you've heard it (a bunch of times) (i assume) I'm really digging a Simple Answer and gun-shy atm
  • Vecktimest has a place in my heart that Yellow House and Shields never will, but I like Shields a lot. Speak in Rounds is my favourite right now.
  • Shields is seriously rocking my musical world right now. It's hitting me just right. Every song, even the lull in the middle of the album people talk about not liking as much, seems absolutely magical to me at this moment in time. I think I'm going to go see them next month, so I'm also very excited about that. Using the money from the AC ticket I had to sell (HUGE BUMMER!) to fund Grizby tix.
  • Grizby! ha!
  • mcgrizzles! monsters of the griz iron!
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