My MP4 player just froze on me..

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I had to format it, and it's working now. It's a decent thing, less than 2GB space which sucks, but it's really good otherwise. It's the medium I use most to listen to music, so this was significant. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise! This way, I have no choice but to reconsider what I'm listening to and this could be a really awesome thing actually. I'll put a bunch of AnCo on immediately of course, but what else can I add? This is where you guys are awesome and suggest a bunch of albums, anything that you really like and is worth listening to, I try to listen to everything. I'm not looking for any Merzbow right now, by the way, but thanks in advance anyway. Here, we discuss how we listen to music also (i.e what medium) [img][/img] Go, people, go! :-c $-) \m/ :-)) =))


  • Ok, it actually just stopped working and won't turn on whatever I try. So I guess I'm going to have to find a new one. It was a very good MP3 player, highly recommended, served me well and honorably. I guess I have to listen to [i]CD's[/i] until I get another one.
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    Lossless is great, it has a huge impact on the aural experience and higher quality formats are really noticeable over time during a listening session.
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    Please educate someone who doesn't understand, Dave: 1. Can you play lossless files on a PC, do you need some software maybe? 2. I'm not sure whether there are music players that play lossless files, if so are they expensive? 3. Is it like an incredible difference, or an I-notice-it-but-it-doesn't-justify-that-this-3-minute-song-is-56MB difference? (Not much space to speak of here :) ) Thanks! \m/
  • Well, you can tell the difference, but unless you have really good headphones I dont think it is needed. and you can use the free software" VLC media player" to play Flac files.
  • VLC plays FLAC? Wish I knew that.
  • Haha same here!
  • The most important thing to improving how you listen to music is getting a decent pair of headphones. Lossless means shit if you're listening on iBuds or something similar.
  • Excuse my langauge, but fuck Beats by Dr. Dre.
  • But they look so good! Are they really that terrible? (they are quite expensive actually) [img][/img]
  • you uh.. better get some better beats and spit some bitter grimes!
  • [quote=Mzrokkks]But they look so good! Are they really that terrible? (they are quite expensive actually)[/quote] they aren't TERRIBLE... just severely overpriced. For the price of a pair of beats, you could get something else that would sound way way better
  • Go with the highest rated audio technica phones on amazon. Hundred bucks, it's a pair that'll last. As far as lossless goes, you need two components for it to be worth it to you personally: a music system that isn't a tin can and good ears.
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    Are you talking about the ATH ad700? I actually ordered a pair and ended up selling them to a friend...they sounded pretty good but I couldn't stand the way they fit and they were really shaky if the source wasn't good. I ended up with some Sennheiser hd598, and I fucking love them.
  • i think i was talking about those, yeah. it's good to know they're shaky on quality, i'll make sure to check out the sennheisers next time im in the market for a new pair.
  • my MPP player just broke on me!
  • MPP player can never break! it's always playing in MP5
  • MPP player can never break! it's always playing in MP5
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