Water Curses/Street Flash

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... are insanely good and Strawberry Jam should have been two tracks longer. Cobwebs and Seal Eyeing are not brilliant, but are quite strong, and are good enough that Water Curses is probably my favourite AnCo EP at the moment. Discuss why I am right >:D< The piano on Seal Eyeing is weird, but it will grow on me I'm sure.


  • I havent gone delved into Water Curses EP much..... I gonna have to say that Fall Be kind is my favorite EP. But I do like the song water curses, its so.... watery. Its pretty catchy though. i wish the vocals were a bit more abrasive and more upfront though. But at the same time vocals like that wouldnt really fit the song
  • The piano on Seal Eyeing is beautiful! Water Curses is such a happy song. Also i think i prefer Cobwebs to Street Flash.
  • FBK is not only my favrite EP but my 2nd favorite release by AC
  • After Centipede Hz?
  • Water Curses EP is amazing!!! Seal Eyeing is sooooo beautifull, Mzrokkks you crazy! How can you not instantly fall in love with Seal Eyeing? Ugh! All the lyrics are so playful and sprout so much imagery. They are a perfect blend with the music. 'Ever since I was a boy I found new ways to view my porridge Sometimes electric, organic like strawberry meat' :} I love this line from cobwebs. Water Curses is just such a pick up. Feeds energy to my body every time I listen to it. Ahh, thanks for the opportunity to vent. HAHAH oh yeah, Curses is one of my favourite songs!! ITS in my username after all. oh gosh, I miss such spontaneous fun lyrics.. anyway.. hushing now. :}}
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    You know what 156curses, I like Seal Eyeing quite a bit. :) It grew on me, as I said it probably would
  • the whole thing is genious to me. if anything water curses the song is the most boring for me on the ep just because of the chord progression. Of course its not boring because of the great lyrics, infinate sounds in the backround, cool percussion amd guitarra. Each song has a different lyrical style to it which is cool. this ep is my favorite anything ever
  • I've been listening to this EP heavily lately and its definitely surpassed Fall Be Kind for me Cobwebs is my favorite
  • That's funny purp, although I like Cobwebs quite a bit, it's my least favourite of all the tracks (opinions!). Seal Eyeing has REALLY grown on me, to the point that it's challenging for second favourite on this EP
  • sea lion is def. the odd man out / weak link on that EP for me kind of a bummer! and the title track i always just felt was Pretty Good weirded me out when people were going gaga for that one when it came out and not saying much about STREET FLASH! ... cobwebs is damn groovy too! ... those 2! are KEY! to me!
  • cob WEBS! cob WEBS! :(|)
  • corn cobby webbings! WEMBLY!
  • I think Street Flash is my favourite at the moment. It's also maybe one of the most trippy songs AnCo has done, imo, and I love it for that. DEM SCREAMS
  • i forever now associate it with depeche mode! treasure! little plejur!
  • "STILL ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVE!!!!!!!!!!!" My throat gets soar singing along with this one too many times booboopeedoop its bill cosby
  • Water Curses is my favourite release by AnCo. I was baked the first time I heard water curses in my friends' room with 6 other people and I think that's why it became my favourite song and then album... Street Flash is amazing. Seal Eyeing blew my mind the first time I heard it. Cobwebs is probably my third AnCo song. And they've stayed my favourite for months and months now and I don't think it'll change. The People EP is my second favourite release by them.
  • Really? People is my least favorite release by the AC.
  • people is like the leftovers of feels to me
  • that's exactly what it is! wish it had ficko syko / muffin mang on it then it'd be a more proper ep though STILL a bit lemmy! obviously PEOPLE / TIQUID / FICKO are all damn groovy muffins / colours more lemmy and live version of a song on an ep with only 2 proper songs is a bit damn odd of a choice! so it being yr 2nd fave is REALY weird! haah!
  • though people as yr least fave release is baffling! obviously something like wastered / project:gummer / crapfire songs would be worse! or ac related like pander young prayer or pullhairgrubeye die! / ttones BLASTERED! or SOMETHING!
  • i used to be buddies with the lead singer of alien ant farm! nice / weird guy!
  • I agree with the idea of combining fickle and muffin with people and shit bra!
  • I used to rage so hard to alien ant farm lololol How'd you know him GO?
  • ha! ok i wasn't really friends but just talking to him after the show (about his beagle! named regal!) and he gave me a mint (and i thought it was drugs!) and then aga
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