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wow what a shit post i made, sorry guys :D (was drunk)


  • lol who is being paranoid? i havent seen the word hipster associated with AC shows since like '09
  • *strokes his beard as he takes a sip of a PBR* hmmm.... well...
  • hahahahaha go
  • when life's a bitch... you call mitch! you can always count on mitch!
  • Life's a mitch until you die
  • Life's a mitch until you're fred.
  • Life's a mitch and then you die That's why we get high Cause you never know when you're gonna G.O [!]
  • you never know until you go! don't say yes if you can't say ... oh god! NO! rock on over london! rock on chicago! IS NOT CHICAGO!
  • most excellent Wesley Willis reference G.O....and did I also detect a faint Soul Coughing ref. as well?
  • I fantasized 'bout this back in Chicago Mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago
  • [quote]and did I also detect a faint Soul Coughing ref. as well? [/quote] oh god? i never would have expected someone to know THIS! AND! and... today ... of ALL days ... i listened to the band LAIKA after not listening to them for many years! this is weirding me out! things are... going down...
  • things are... breaking DOWN this fire's out of control we're gonna burn this shitty! BURN THIS SHITTY!
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