Visiting Friends

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I've read a couple comments where people say visiting friends is too long and repetitive, but I think it's an incredible addition to Sung Tongs. Its so sonic and warm and it goes along with the theme of [i]visiting friends[/i] so well. Anyone else?


  • it's great. people criticize it? lol.
  • haha ive just read comments where people say its their least favorite on ST
  • and thats a bunch a hootenanny
  • of all of my favorite AC songs it has been the most occuring and longlasting as my favorite, it still is right now. i have an extreme emotional connection with it is all i'll say [..]
  • i actually only read positive stuff about it these days... and people OVER-rating it! so it's kinda become one of THOSE! people saying it's their fave and the like... makes me want to be a bit more down on it! in a way it's quite damn gimmicky having shorties of sweet road and college bookending this long meandering slowjam beast! like they're doing it for the attention (the money!) so you can look at the tracklist times and think What the damn HELL? when someone first glistens! actually the more i think about it there IS kind of an annoying feeling to sweet road and even college... combined with the comment people have of the last 3 tracks petering out and softest voice you could almost argue for: 1 LEAF HORSE 2 RABBIT 3 WINTERS 4 KIDS ON GOLLY DAY 5 WE TIGERS!
  • I see what you are saying G.O but I really don't think they had popularity or money in mind when they were deciding on how long those 3 tracks should be :) but i dont know im not in anco
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    Yes you are.
  • panda always has monkey money on his mind! his dirty greedy grubby paws! leaving NO tracks / trace BEHIND!
  • Pack it out.
  • Dave can be DAVEY tare i can be GEO (bobcatviously!) blinky pandy! purple deekles? let's do it!
  • shinsy is DEAD KRIA! cuz she broke poor wavey davey's simian heart! :(|) and then she... ruined... EVERY THING peace fish is black dice
  • Mr Zrocks is def. GANGANG oh shit!
  • i "hah'd" at dead kria.
  • thanks for leaving me out
  • You can be Kingsley White, who Panda Bear eventually replaced on the drum kit.
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    Can I be John Maus? Clawed Mouse?
  • I thought you [i]were[/i] John Maus. Misled, misinformed!
  • DEAD Maus! :(|)
  • That's perfect ^ And what IS a Gangang?
  • the gang gang! THE DANSE! lizzy! h to the lizzo! i-contakt! world wide!
  • more like Tongue Songs! Pacify Her!
  • [quote=G.O. !]the gang gang!THE DANSE!lizzy!h to the lizzo!i-contakt!world wide![/quote] Wut.
  • god's monkey! jesus' cash!
  • I don't even
  • Visiting Friends is just one of those songs you listen to at night, when you can't sleep. And you think about [i]visiting friends[/i], and how much you miss those friends.
  • oh, i always thought it was about extraterrestrials.
  • I just watched the finale of Friends. [img][/img] D'awwww. I feel sad. :( Why couldn't they stay together like they were forever? Why do things have to change?
  • Change is inevitable :|
  • :-< It was beautiful. It's for the best.
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    i loved watching "friends". it was almost like... having "friends". :-< :-< :-< just kidding. i have friends! in my MIND! they've become very upset with me for treating them like they're imaginary, though. <):)
  • i put on my robe and wizard hat
  • you put on yr grobe and wiz hard cap!
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