Neon Psychedelia

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This may seem outrageously stupid to you guys, but besides AnCo my knowledge of nayo syke diliyah is pretty limited. I know a few bands, I guess, but nothing else that I really love. So what are your favourite artists and/or albums that fit into this genre? Should be a good thing to discuss. By the way, I'm not trying to shoehorn AnCo into a genre, because they can't fit into one. But for the sake of the argument [img][/img] [i]Google says this is psychedelic, and who am I to disagree?[/i]


  • Yess! Was just listening to Lonerism the other day. Go check it out!
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    [quote]Go! check it out![/quote] no! more like Loserism! more like LAME imapala! uh! sorry that just slippied out...
  • tame impala is pretty boring if youre not in that mood. love it when i wanna listen to it though. i pretty much listen to zero other bands that are psychedelic, let alone neo-psychedelic. except for maybe DSOM-era pink floyd and black dice.
  • Hmm.... well right now I'm listening to the new tracks from Prince Rama. They're pretty decent, I'd like to get their earlier stuff (Paw Tracks released them). I quite like Tame Impala, I'm not sure when's the right mood to listen to them though. Maybe while playing a strategy game? I like listening to a lot of bands while I play a Total War game. Other than that I don't really listen to much that could fit into the genre of neo-psychedelic, there a lot of indie-pop outings that use elements of psychedelic (MGMT, Beach House, etc).
  • the paw track prince rama is their later stuff! shadow temple wasn't so hot! ... trust now was better but it can't compare to their earlier GIRLIER stuff! ZETLAND is their master! and ARKY OF U-TOPE! 15min Sex Or Size was really fun though and i'm def. pumped about this next one 2012: end of the world GREATEST HITS chan hell'd!
  • Painted Palms, although they may not count as a neo-psych band...
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    What's his name... Uhh... What's his name? Shit. UHm.... The guy with the quavery voice. Acoustic stuff. Weird spanish lyrics, weird english lyrics. Did an album in I think 2009 that was totally sold-out and lame. And I think had a music video with Natalie Portman. Driving me nuts I can't think of his name. Devendra Banhart. There we go. Shpongle. I'm not absolutely crazy about them, but you might dig what they do. I have friends who like them. Righteous Acid (which turned me onto Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet, also cool). Sun Araw.
  • i was gonna say devandra banhart before i saw you said it! i dont even listen to him!!!
  • lotus? check out spiritualization. trancendentalism
  • Where would I find Prince Rama's earlier girlier stuff?? :S I like some Devendra... Carmensita was nice.
  • I remember there was this one song off Tame Impala's first which I loved, this one, particularly how it starts: Narnia, suf, G.O: I don't listen to them really anymore, but I'll give them and their new album a chance. I have mixed feelings about psychedelia in general, which is crazy, but I'm sure I'll get into it more over time. Ticon: Black Dice seem cool! I definitely think I'll like them, had never heard their stuff before but I had heard of them. And anyway, all the rest too. I'm not really into MGMT too much though. Not my thing. I'll obviously get to the Paw Tracks artists too. I know what I'm listening to this weekend! [img][/img]
  • edited October 2012 i can't link it into this page, but if you go there you can hear one of the tracks from "mellow doses". i really like this one.
  • sun araw's top youtube hit i think
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    all sun ark label
  • CLOD! and others~!!!! that has most of their stuff! def. worth checkering out! esp. ZETLAND! and Arky of U-Tope!
  • Youth Lagoon, Boards of Canada, of Montreal... (i know you have already heard of them...) Neo-psych is my favorite genre but it is hard to find bands that have that sound
  • some of those bands in the past 60s/70s or whatnot that were "syko dalek" weren't really all that syko damn dalek! ... i think it was just the hippie dippy-ness / the drugs / the lyrics ... i always expect more sonic experimentation / weirdness! but it rarely comes! so i gave up on old music FOREVER
  • and i haven't looked back since! never regretted it / never said shit!
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    It might be interesting to hear what everyone thinks of what the real definition of 'psychedelic' means as it pertains to music. I take it more as a feeling or an attitude/willingness than a specific sound. When I listen to music I'd consider truly psychedelic, I feel a connection to my own humanity, a very real and all-encompassing quality not dissimilar from the neutral, lightly-held qualities of a meditation-encouraged state of observation of consciousness. That and a working acknowledgment that, despite our illusions of control, we are totally [i]out[/i] of control. A replication of it, a surrender to not truly ever knowing what's going to happen next; a surrender to reality or the moment or the universe. For instance, I don't consider Sgt. Pepper's psychedelic, with the exception of 'Within You Without You', which I feel is a prime example of what I feel is true psychedelia. Aside from that one track, the album feels superficial and lacking in the near-spiritual qualities I get from music that's intensely psychedelic. It seems tightly-controlled and the opposite, really of psychedelic. On the other hand, Reverend Gary Davis seems psychedelic to me. It hits me to my core, it feels made totally in the moment and without reservation to formulaic plans. Ummagumma feels truly psychedelic to me, whereas Dark Side really does not. The Dead sound psychedelic, while Furthur rarely does. Animal Collective seems psychedelic to me, whereas MGMT seems entirely not. I don't intend to bash or criticize any of the musicians I contrast with another. It's just for example. I enjoy listening to MGMT sometimes, but it lacks the out-of-control quality of psychedelic. Same with Dark Side. So, I feel like psychedelic is almost more like a description of the minds and the choices of the musicians playing than it is a description of the way the music sounds. It's difficult for me to adequately put into words. It feels like its own separate issue, almost. Jazz can be psychedelic. So can rock, so can pop, so can hip-hop, so can funk, so can orchestral, etc. What do you all think?
  • the end of the video for flash delirium by mgmt def. goes full on PSYCHO dalek! oh man! trippy / crazy as hell OUT of CONTROL!
  • Dave i can totally relate with what you're saying. I dont think i can say anything on the psychadelic elements of music, since i have no clue what psychadelic means to me. Ive never eaten any... I never thought id experienced anything psychadelic, but the way you put it i totally have. I really love your mathematical approach to the discussion. Defining whatever it is we're talking about is so important!
  • i just assumed it meant "woah... this is fucking trippy!" hehe!
  • If that were the case, there really wouldnt be much to it :P
  • [quote=G.O. !]i just assumed it meant "woah... this is fucking trippy!"hehe![/quote] hahaha right you are, dude.
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    As far as not having eaten psychedelics goes... I've eaten enough to know what it's all about. And (I could be wrong about this, it's really just my opinion) I think that what it's about is life. Normal life. Human consciousness. It's just that I had to change my consciousness a bunch to notice it was there, and to start paying attention to it -- the whole picture. By returning to life with a new perspective on it and going back and forth from psychedelics to not for the past few years, I've come to the working understanding that life is the trip, and the trips I took on drugs were just little exploratory events. But there are all kinds and ways of exploring. So I guess I feel like, if you're alive (and I assume you are), you're just as qualified as anyone else to have a personal definition, if you so choose. After all, I think it's something that people experience whether they've explored with psychs or not. I know I did before I experienced psychedelics.
  • Rokky, listen to load blown by black dice for a starter. If you like that you can pretty much go anywhere from there
  • can we change the name of this thread to "neon-psychedelia"?
  • [quote=Dave]can we change the name of this thread to "neon-psychedelia"?[/quote] Neon Psychedelia sounds awesome, so why not. Yeah Ticon, I wasn't sure where to start with but that seems like a good place! For the record, I don't like of Montreal that much (and I really, really thought they'd be a band I'd love!) What G.O. said, the Beatles-esque ultra-poppy ultra-60s syka dalek style is not really my cup of tea. [img][/img]
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    oM is the epitome of sugary, saccharine, bubblegum pop. I have mistaken them for a child's band at times... but I love them nonetheless
  • New name makes me sooo happy Haha!
  • neon indian! i shouldn't have taken ashid with a jew! (he took my monkey!) :(|)
  • I think the only jewish person I've tripped with was a total ass-clown, so I feel like it's probably a bad example. He took three stamos (john), insisted he could smoke dmt RIGHT AFTER eating the stamps. Puked everywhere, all over like 5 people. Then he tried to convince the guy who sold him the stamps that he should get three more free. :?
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