Video to Comfy In Nautica

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i did this last year, but i didnt really like the outcome, and I just got a new camera so i thought i would go for it again. I still dont think it does the song justice, but I kinda like it.


  • I really like that shot at 2:53
  • scenery like this goes perfect with this album. Train tracks, fields, farm machinery, sun rises, lakes. I think this vid does the song some good justice. everything in this video is cool. I love anco fan videos.
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    gave me chills. 2:53 is great, indeed. i really liked the transition from the graveyard to the dog running around the graveyard. and, of course, the beautiful scenery.
  • Nice job Mitch, Great song to go with all that under appreciated Midwestern scenery.
  • Thanks for all the positive feedback! I'm trying to think of ideas for a vid for winter's love now
  • i'm not comfy wearing naughty kah! and sicky lukey! GOT TOGETHER something pukey! fishy!
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