• im fully aware of the ending of the book. you doubting my knowledge bro?
  • i believe so! the ending to fight club the movie was AMAZING! one of the best movie endings EVER! with the pixies song oh man! i'm sure that made a LOT of new pixies fangs in the coming years i know i did!
  • before that i only knew of frank black ... but not ze pixies... oh god? and i met him! NOT KNOWING THE PIXIES
  • sorry i just have to type the THE! feels too weird not to COUCH SAID "KNOT 2!"
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    b-b-but, the ending of the movie was too...hollywood he's supposed to end up in a mental hospital after he shoots himself
  • that was a pretty artsy ending for its time i think
  • I'm reading the HOBBIT GAH I saw the movie - and it's the first movie based off a book I've seen that not only doesn't cut out parts, but adds a LOT. It's a bit bizarre. Whatever. I'm feeling strange tonights.
  • Reading this awful french "tween" book for my final French project Its called "Coeur d'artichaut"
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    i think i just translated karma police into french! FROGS!
  • :-D i just turned my entire class onto lemony snicket!
  • House of Leaves (Leaf House reference, anyone?) is next on my reading list, once I finish 100 Years of Solitude :)
  • I have yet to read those two. I wonder if AC thought of HoL when they titled Leaf House? Im reading like six books simutaneously (at a reaaalllllyyy slow pace) atm. I just finished reading Ghost World and Scott Pilgrim.
  • narny im taking american psycho really slow, i have yet to reach pg 100 since christmas. i pretty much only read when i have time to listen to an entire album on vinyl and im currently dealing with exams and drivers ed
  • its okay, ty. I love that book but I kinda want to take back my extreme fanaticism. i first read it during the period i was obsessed with the minds of serial killers and postmodernism, so that could have been contributing factor in my unabashed adoration. And yeah, I understand. exams are killing me. have only got 4-5 hrs of sleep everyday approx. the last two weeks.
  • wow, it hasnt been nearly as bad for me. i am a frashmen tho
  • toomanytrees is reading house of leaves?? I hope you like it!
  • well, im being an overcheiver this whos taking an extra class, and whos in like 50 things afterschool and is a horrible procrastinator. and its especially bad for this year because the principal wanted the students to create a play with an intergration of all major art forms i.e. acting, art, dancing, singing, photography, film and the practices this week and writing have taken up a lot of time.
  • Been digging Palahniuk's stuff lately. I finished Damned and now halfway through Pygmy. I'm always reading comics though
  • vesufius, I'll let you know once I get into it. I think (or hope?) I've got a pretty diverse taste when it comes to reading, so I should be good. The only book I've read recently that I can honestly say I didn't like was Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Apparently it's got quite a satirical side to it, and I figure you might have to actually get victorian culture to appreciate the satire haha. And I adore Palahniuk, even though I've been limited in the books I've read of his. I want to grab Invisible Monsters Remix sometime. Also, I heard Diary (or was it Choke?) was being adapted for film.
  • I recently bought Dawkin's The Selfish Gene. I've read two of his other books, and it's cool to go back and read his first.
  • Reading Tom Robbins Skinny legs and all. He is funny.
  • Sadly, I have so many history books to read so I have no time for all these great books you guys have been talking about. On the subject of history, you guys should check out W.E.B. DuBois -The Souls of Black Folk, and also Jacob Riis -How the Other Half Lives. Both books are very important for a strong understanding of America's flawed past.
  • black like me!
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    Anyone here read Confederation of Dunces? Im seriously considering studying it for my english final project. EDIT: Confederacy of Dunces* Im such a dunce
  • I read the first chapter which was about 30 pages and i thought it was hilarious. Im just curious to hear what u guys think.
  • I snagged up a Bogart biography, Movie Monsters from the 1900s and an old English literature book filled with poetry from my college's library earlier this week. free books are the best books
  • Reading Tom Robbins Skinny legs and all. He is funny. Also reading John Lockes "I'm a douchbag who attributes human achievement to the king and God" for political philosophy
  • beware the locke monster!
  • Beware the smoke monster! Cracked open House of Leaves. Holy fucking shit I'm obsessed.
  • 8-} Confederacy of Dunces is hilarious. So many funny quotes that i wanna share with yall
  • sharing the best snippets could possibly perk my interest in reading the book myself
  • the perks of being a book a flower! give me the power for just one half hour!
  • “Perhaps I should have been a Negro. I suspect I would have been a rather large and terrifying one, continually pressing my ample thigh against the withered thighs of old white ladies in public conveyances a great deal and eliciting more than one shriek of panic. Then, too, if I were a Negro, I would not be pressured by my mother to find a good job, for no good jobs would be available. My mother herself, a worn old Negress, would be too broken by years of underpaid labor as a domestic to go out bowling at night. She and I could live most pleasantly in some moldy shack in the slums in a state of ambitionless peace, realizing contentedly that we were unwanted, that striving was meaningless.”
  • "'Go dangle your withered parts over the toilet!' Ignatius screamed savagely."
  • “Filth!' Ignatious shouted, spewing wet popcorn over rows. 'How dare she pretend to be a virgin. Look at her degenerate face. Rape her!”
  • “Stop!' I cried imploringly to my god-like mind.”
  • "I had a rather apocalyptic battle with a starving prostitute"
  • vesoovy yr having a complete mental break down!
  • Just sharing some quotes, as promised
  • "Lana Lee was on a bar stool, her legs crossed in tan suede trousers, her muscular buttocks pinning the stool to the floor and commanding it to support her in vertical form. When she moved slightly, the great muscles of her nether cheeks rippled to life to prevent the stool from leaning and tottering even an inch. The muscles rippled around the cushion of the stool and grabbed it, holding it erect. Long years of practice had made her rump a dextrous and wondrous thing."
  • "I don't know why you insisted on living way down there with the alligators." (not literally) Is "down there" commonly associated with "alligators"?
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    It sounds like bad fan fiction (in a good way)!
  • It sounds like bad fan fiction (in a good way)!
  • It sounds like good fan fiction (in a bad way)!
  • funny how i'd much rather compile quotes for you guys than for my english project
  • thats not funny, thats truth. You wanna do what you wan do. SHEEEEEEETTTT! Education is too focused on criteria.
  • and criterion COLLECTION!
  • confederacy of dunces is an alltime favorite of mine. ignatius will stick with you a long while after you've closed it.
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    sufy that first negro rant was beautiful what is that from? edit: oh, im guessing confederacy of dunces. didnt read yukbon's post
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