People Party DVD

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Is it still available to buy somewhere? I never knew Panda Bear had a dvd. Its sounds so cool. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... eased.html</a><!-- m --> The order page at the bottom of the page seems broken. Is there another place I can buy it?


  • wow! I knew nothing about this! Its not on eBay...i'm no help other than that.
  • never heard of it till now! i'd just keep checking on ebay and amazon and stuff.
  • You can watch it on youtube. It's really good. It's free. It was originally not free but then PB decided to make it free and gave everyone there money back. It's available to download
  • He gave them their money back? What a sweetie! Thats a little odd but really nice of him huh? It would be good to have the original dvd though. I still haven't gotten around to checking ebay mind you.
  • Yeah you can download it somewhere; I have it (can't remember where from though sorry).
  • people having a party with a panda! the things they think up!
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