we HAVE to get avey arrested!

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avey in the back of the squad car yelling out "the hell'd i DO?"


  • oh but we must! MUSTERgarrr!
  • we just got to! i can't explain it!
  • yes it's a very funny image
  • ha! i don't know why i obsess over this idea from time to time so much but it just gets into my head and it won't get out! i feel really bad / weird about it! it's becoming a very real problem!
  • i obsess obsessively about what cd's im gonna make for my car when i start driving, i think im going insane
  • Lol you obsess over your obsession? Just get one of those newer cars where you can wirelessly connect your smartphone.
  • That's always nice to be able to connect to a smartphone, but there's something to be said about actually playing CDs in the car. I mostly just listen to full albums on CD.
  • really? huh... cuz if you're playing from a smartphone, you can easily make one of those on the go playlists. its a lot quicker and more efficient than burning onto a cd. but who am i to talk? i'm really not one to appreciate a physical copy over a digital one. i mean besides the packaging, to me, music's just music, and its all the same.
  • lol tico you totally sabotaged G.O.'s thread. we'll never get avey arrested at this rate.
  • Just wait till he starts up Slasher Flicks and puts on his leatherface mask, that'll look real suspicious.
  • Hey 100 posts :)
  • One day, if Avey gets arrested for some reason, everyone who's seen this thread will be laughing really hard!
  • apparently this is the 50th topic i've made? woo! feels like i've made wayyyyyyy more than THAT! my god! (is an awesome god! :(|) ) that's only like 1 per 100 post-it notes! what the! shoulda saved the 50th tpk for post #5000man! PM5K!
  • PM the secret 5K dokumints!
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