Favorite Bootlegs?

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Mine would have to be the Malta Fest, Melkweg, and Artsplace.


  • Melkweg? Care to post a video? and also, I'm thinking of a video of them in a fancy museum or art gallery or club of some sort. and there's this guy with a white mask on and big ears just staring at the crowd, looking back and forth. do you know which video i'm talking about?
  • I don't think there are any videos from Melkweg, sorry :/ But it's in the Gets section if you want to download it
  • Alright. Tanks Dog.
  • [url]http://animalcollective.org/gets/index.php?act=view&id=55[/url] 2005-02-25 Bowery Ballroom [url]http://animalcollective.org/gets/index.php?act=view&id=65[/url] 2008-06-23 Arendal, Norway - Hove Festival [url]http://animalcollective.org/gets/index.php?act=view&id=27[/url] Glasslands 2008-01-20
  • That Bowery Ballroom is amazing. Yes'm it is.
  • How much longer till the gets section is up?? And where else can I get these boots? I really need From a Beach and What I Do on my iPod
  • I'll PM you a link my buddy Dave gave me Vesufius!
  • hi i'm new here :) i've been looking for good bootlegs of their spirit, sung tongs, pre-feels era and have had little to no luck, could anyone PM me any good links? please please
  • What the heck kind of username is that? Welcome to the board haha, I'll PM you.
  • first thing that came to mind :/ hahahaha but thanks again for the link, i really appreciate it
  • how big was the link, I got the whole archive if that wasn't it. Not trying to one up you Iko, just want SoftPron to get all of the good recording available.
  • haha I [i]think[/i] that the link has everything... You should check it out and see if there's anything to add, Peacey!
  • Oh yes peacy's pm was pretty much my first exposure to AC boots. About a year ago i believe
  • Thanks Suf, Put i'll send the link just for sure.
  • put on yr boots and then yr leggings!
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