What other boards you post on?



  • I'm going to see them at Coachella <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> it's my fourth year going! I LIVE for Coachella.
  • i think I might be going, a couple friends suggested it last night. omgggzz i would die. shinsy we could hang out! :O
  • Please please come!! We can eat a funnel cake together (i'm going to be eating a whole lot of funnel cakes though, since I've said that to everyone I know who's going). A ton of my GU friends from all over are coming too. One of my defining characteristics there is "likes Animal Collective" so it would be no surprise to them if I had a friend from this board xD Gahh. It's so close! I'm sooooo excited.
  • awesome! Make sure you tell us all about it when you get back!!!!!! (and you too TT if you're going!)
  • ahahaha "At Ease Radiohead Board (been there since 1999 over a damn decade and i am the highest poster by so much it is quite sad! ... i grew up on that board!) Mortigi Temple (another Rhed board! it's kinda crappy so i don't go there much but i've been there off and on also for like 10 years it's insane) A Little Space (ANOTHER radiohead board! this was an offshoot of the main one... god i feel kinda of like a joop with so many radiohead boards... oh god) Collected Animals (i was there from the begin in 2005 and watched it turn to shit!) THIS BOARD (it was all fields! there was also an AC dot net board that started up and it was a battle who would win and that one died and this one grew!) MEN WITHOUT HATS BOARD (i've been there since 2002! ... it's REALLY dead and a guy from the actual board posts on there... only like 10 regular posters and most all of them are probably in their 40s so it's really strange!) i also post on a Fetish board where Japanese Girls dress in Monkey Outfits and are in Wheelchairs but now is not the time to get into THAT!" can we not even quote on here? what the hell! then there was POP LARKIN (which was in 2003 and tied to the MWH board... me using some guys FACE and he found me! ... then it died for years and years only to be reborn about a year ago! JELROY!) also briefly SOMB (Sound Opinions Message Board) but that place was no fun! and THE SUPERGRASS BOARD! (temp at ease!) A Little Space used to be BACKDRIFTS and i was King there Too! the ANGRY BIRDS board! THE REBECCA BLACK FORUM! and more!
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    Aww, Wini's old post. Good thing I'm a purple storm cloud... I was also briefly on this INFP board but all those people talked about was like, being INFP. Which I guess I do sometimes. And there was this one for "gifted" people, which was like, smart kids who felt like they were different. All very nice people. Never was more than a spark for me though. GU's gone to shit now, at least as far as I know, about a year ago I started a GU unofficial...it was kinda funny but I made this rule that one particular mean person couldn't join, and then he thought I made it just for that specific purpose, and then he hated me, and then it died.
  • Collected Animals sucks so much... it really scared me when Calvin said he'd come here. He's ruined CA for all the old-timers by all accounts. I'd love more activity on this board but it would ruin it.
  • I discussed this exact point about this time last year, if this boards awareness is raised then we will get a lot of new people that may ruin the already good community !
  • what is INFP and what is GU? ] these damn acorn nims! our future lies in the hands of Shinsy & Something! and Clayson's BROTHER! (dave's mother!)
  • It's like what happened to the Quakers! They invented Pennsylvania and let everyone in cause they believed in religious freedom and then all the meanies messed it up! (INFP is a personality type and GU is Gorillaz Unofficial)
  • there's a board i post on that i've been on since...shit, 2002, 2001? something like that. i post on reddit, a few other sites. i'm on CA as well, but don't really post outside of tabs/chords etc.
  • I post on RuKind as well as CA and this board. RuKind has a real wealth of information on gear. Gets down to some real techy stuff. It's relatively narrow in its scope, but they're the best at what they do.
  • i can't even fathom the idear of being on the same board for 30+ years... how weird that would be... i wonder how the future of that will all pan out things seemed kind of groovy for awhile but just in the last year or two things started breaking down! ... many boards being wiped or things like geoshitties being taken down... none of it is built to last! :(
  • Really hope this place lasts! Doesn't look like it however with the whole crash thing that happened. I don't really post anywhere else, and that is because any other site just seems full of haters (we have one too). I'll be on here til I am 64!
  • Built To Last is a pretty lousy album. You're right. None of it's built to last. Part of me hopes it will all implode and that I'll never have to deal with the internet again. In fact, all of me hopes that.
  • You and McCartney.
  • Haters? Peacefish, we have a hater? Who?! Really! Everyone here gets scriggly sometimes but a hater? Do you need me to beat them up?
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    The hater is Hateradio and all I need to say is... Haters gonna hate Ponies gonna pone (Edit for spelling)
  • Plus we're all patio haters so...
  • i have been a member for a while leading to this point, here is my advert, volcano insurance !
  • Clayson-We don't have volcanoes in my part of the world but I have walked on two! One was in Honduras and they aren't all safety-legality conscious so we just went trippity trampity up to the lava beds. GI Go, you can't imagine anything for 30 years. Technically impozzibel. Peacefish- yeah, I figured that one out late. Dave- I don't like the internet either but it brought me to y'all so it's good for something! (and Something!) Shinsaling you are my little angel bunny.
  • that was a lovely summary and answer hahaha i am quite vague with my answers, apologies !
  • I don't really enjoy 4chan at all. It's pretty much HATE central there. The only other board I post on is Growery.org, it has some really chill people there, it's fun to talk about music or just day-to-day stuff with them.
  • yeah 4 Chan is a bit of a dodgy one, i have had my past of posting there, i didn't really know it was a forum, and did you know that they helped out arrest some animal abuser because they traced the ip address and then informed the local authorities ! there is my wisdom of the day !
  • i used to post on skateperception all the time, now i am an avid poster on oddfuturetalk
  • I used to post lots on The Comatorium (Mars Volta forum) waaaaay back when. That place was ok, considerably immature with lots of people forming factions and little groups and squabbling. It was funny and entertaining to a degree, most of it was in jest I think.
  • ooh, we should squabble! Isn't that like scrabble, but with squab? Which I think are small birds you eat? Like grouse?
  • I'm beast at scrabble, not really, but the game is fun, like Apples to Apples!
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  • now i'm on British Sea Power forum! but i don't see it going to swell... what other boardies do YOU post on?
  • As of now I just post on this one, CA and Twoism (Boards of Canada forum). I'm also registered on The Avalanches board but there's no activity so i don't even bother.
  • I actually really like CA, I just joined. I really like this board though, It feels like we're kinda close.
  • Actually we're 2x as close with that double post^
  • the double post never lies!
  • Yeah CA5 has gotten off to a really good start. I think there have definitely been times when it's been full of bad vibes but some of the main posters from the last CA are barely posting anymore so that probably has something to do with it.
  • I agree El, I'm really digging the CA 5 vibe!
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    CA4 was rotten to the core but it had its moments
  • I was almost never on there. I love CA5 though.
  • CA5 is as beautiful as the Honeycomb banner obliges it to be. I havent posted their really (yet) but i will
  • new CA board? Or is it just the old one still. I'll check out the place, old or new. They sometimes have an elitist attitude over there and I hate posting on big boards. :/ not for me really.
  • its a completely new board! were going to buy new servers! we have new/more mods! its a much better vibe then CA4
  • It's a GOOD vibe! :)
  • Chillwill is best chill.
  • speaking of twoism, can someone please PM me with links to BoC's live shows?
  • hehe! NOPE! grope! ant (uh!) e:lope! Burger Dog destroys your TECHNO!! ha!
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