gUNfairly gBanned from CA V (ity upon the teeth they is!)

dammit TELL the people! this is so messed up! not again! help me get back in there! those damn jerks! :x :(|) eyah!


  • someone post this message: hey slippy here! no i was NOT pushing for a damn ban! what the HELL man! give me another chance! i'll be good! i never even damn PMd carb bunk hell that was just in reference to how much that tap guy hates me / drum up business! issues with women my left dead foot! come on! please!
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    Sorry, but no. We gave you a warning and you decided to ignore it. If you really wanted to be on the board, you should have tried being nice, or civil, or not threatening/bragging about harassment. To everyone else: Please don't try to post that message ^ on CA. We've already heard it and we don't plan on un-banning Slippi anytime soon.
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    And in case anyone wants to know why he was banned: [quote]ok so i PM'd carb bunk HELL asking if she would update me every day on the color / style of panties she is (or is not!) wearing... i'll post the results in this thread let's hope this works![/quote] [quote]what is this grand pedastal you put carb bunk hell on? if i had PMd dearest asking what color sox he was wearing no one would give a hoot! it's just damn sexist and it takes every fiber of my being! it reminds me of the time when geometric sleep was the only girl on the board and i messaged her asking what she was wearing and everyone FREAKED out and she left or something and then we had no girls and EYE became the only girl on the board and there was no threat of banishment! some of those threads in the garbage were damn spot on / fine / ON TOPIK ... like the one about the MN concert date? yoga? TUVIN? / rare ac songs (like playpen and sponge fluke 2! the revenge of luke!) ... ducky spoony 4 prez 2012 / 6 / 2020 [hind shite IS!] ... and should be put black dammit! emmy! or maybe i'll just have to bin YOU![/quote]
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    take responsibility for your actions
  • oh the worms come out to play! the things they do say! i never bloody even PMd her for christ's sake! and i thought i brought up a good point where threads about rare ac songs, replacement MN ac show, etc were unfairly trashed... no explanation given for THAT bullplop! and now you won't even let a message be relayed to essplain myself and show that i'm sorry and let people even rally in my support? what is this nazi germ monkey! :(|) i stand by the fact if it was dearest's SOCKS you'd have no problem THAT is sexist! it was a thread about panties and i was on point and wanted a girls perspective! but you had to bring it down like the knights in shiny white arm roar!
  • every fiber of my damn being dammit!
  • at the very least let Paul Gravers post poor guy didn't do anything wrong!
  • Sorry GO, guess they don't like your vibe over on CA. We'll always accept you here, GO!!
  • most people on there seem to love me! it's just a small select few that are damn down on what i do! and i do it well! it makes me very depressed!
  • I feel like those people find it hard to accept the fact that yr joking around a lot!
  • I feel like those people find it hard to accept the fact that yr joking around a lot!
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    I've seen enough of the fucked up shit he's said about women and minorities to know that his "jokes" come from a very very very bad place
  • that couldn't be farther from the truth!
  • or further i should say! hey hey!
  • You've just got a ballsy sense of humor, GO. If you're not gonna change that, then I guess they don't want you there.
  • well like i said... they moved threads about the re-scheduled MN AC date and rare songs thread (like tuvin! and playpen! SPONGE FLUKE!) and yoga (pants!) to the garbage bin den! they were always against me!
  • Yeah I don't get why those were trashed. Sucks.
  • dammit iko! TELL the people! FREE SLIPPI! they'll rally (monkey) in my defense! mark my words! MARK them :(|)
  • some people are too serious for the internet... though i admit it does take awhile to get used to your sense of humor, i dont understand why after you explain yourself people are still getting butthurt. Asking about panties is not offensive... what IS is the few butthurt people on CA making a larger deal into something that should have not been addressed in the first place... which happens too often. most of the time i dont understand what they get angry about (or the reason things get put into the garbage thread). Asking about panties isnt sexist esp. in the context it was in. from what ive seen was that the only reason it was a problem was because the girl felt like a minority and so she was intimiated and it became an issue.
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    Also that guy Test really kept saying stuff like: "it doesn't bother you that this thread was created by a misogynist? because it really really should"
  • Well I'm stickin my neck out for ya GO.
  • [quote=welcometonarnia]Asking about panties isnt sexist esp. in the context it was in. from what ive seen was that the only reason it was a problem was because the girl felt like a minority and so she was intimiated and it became an issue.[/quote] Well, GO was banned because the admins wanted to avoid any harassment. The more I look at it, GOs comments actually could have been pretty hurtful, even if he didn't mean them.
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    [quote=G.O. !]dammit iko! TELL the people! FREE SLIPPI! they'll rally (monkey) in my defense! mark my words! MARK them :(|)[/quote] Well... nobody rallied in your defense...
  • CA has a ridiculously strong moral code, which is pretty annoying. looking at both sides of the argument i'd say that this ban is complete bullshit
  • also i hate how much the term "misogynist" is thrown around at CA, it is unjust almost 100% of the time
  • you cant even post a damn watermelon joke in the random pic thread without being called racist. also one time in the sexy girl thread in ca4 DaveH said one girl was hotter than the other in a picture, and he was given the regular sexist/misogynist schpeal that he barely ever deserves. i was actually dumbfounded
  • What's a watermelon joke?
  • my cat can eat a whole water melon! PINE APPLES! mmm... piney!
  • FREE SLIPPI! :(|) he never meant to hurt no one hell that's half the fun!
  • i still think people are being too crazy about all this! jesus! how am i supposed to react to constantly (by some people) called a miso piece a shit? jesus! ... i took it too far in ONE sense (i'll admit that!) but at the same time i didn't really PM the lovely lady and it was a thread about women's underwear (which is DAMN fun to wear!) and wanting the female perspective... on a board where people cut people down like crazy sometimes with bad vibes it's funny how THIS crossed the line so bad... i'm talking about a board with depressed people and people joking "kill yourself" some girl said that and no one batted a damn eye and it made me damn mad! the hypocrazy of that place! that palace! that shrine! jesus!
  • honestly if i had PMd or joked about PMing dearest about what colour sockies he was wearing i don't think anyone would have been the wiser! now THAT is sexist!
  • holy shit you are incredibly ignorant.
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]CA has a ridiculously strong moral code, which is pretty annoying. looking at both sides of the argument i'd say that this ban is complete bullshit[/quote] you're too new to fully know both sides, I have personally dealt with slippi's complete lack of social awareness. He derailed a thread regarding feminism, made it all about how his life would be so much better if he were seen as a woman by society (ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME). I remember bringing up to him the fact that I can't go out alone in public without men harassing me very aggressively, have been sexually assaulted, etc., and he continued to make it all about him and how it's easier to be a woman. How I should be *grateful* to be given the frightening attention of much bigger men that he apparently honestly wanted. How America is pandering to women. He at least at that time fully believed that. Having the standards that CA has recently upheld may be annoying to you, straight white male, but it's pretty great for those of us who are disadvantaged/generally treated like subhumans elsewhere in life. It's very, very nice to be treated as an equal by so many people on CA. [quote=Ticonderoga]also i hate how much the term "misogynist" is thrown around at CA, it is unjust almost 100% of the time[/quote] Because a man would know when something is misogynistic. Yeah. You should think more.
  • A lot of great points in there :) Let's be honest Tico, you and I are both fairly new I believe, so we really don't fully understand. Apparently there has been some kind of history of harassment like this on CA, which is actually serious. GO, I'm gonna be honest, you've got to learn what is too far.
  • @username, i have never, not even once got angry at someone on the internet. usually I find idiocy amusing. thank you for being a first.
  • I too am a girl and Ive hated street harrassment since I was 10 and 40 yr. men would stop their cars to look at me. It makes me uncomfortable. Why would those men think Id want them? Why do they think of me as an animal? but tbh you have to come to a point where you realize that if (those) men are going to be ignorant and thickheaded about the entire other half of the human population then the better learn to suck their own cocks because they dont deserve a woman. you have feel in charge of your body, but of course you can feel threatened w ithin reason. my friend was raped on our highschool campus and he only suspended 2 wks, whilst my friend have to recover mentally for months. Realize the "power" men have is the power society gives them. feminism is not about separating "genders" its about gender EQUALITY, its about challenging the notions of femininity and masculinity. the mindset you have right now is of a victim and its completely removing you from understanding as a whole.
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  • You never have to feel threatened and nor does any other girl. YOU change your outlook on a situation, thus becoming "empowered". I'm not saying what was said was completely okay, but the way it was handled wasnt. honestly, your idea of feminism/the feminism of today has become so contrived. you sound like rehashed tumblr rant posts. If you want people to listen to your side you MUST take theirs into account, even at the risk of someone calling you a bad feminist. I honestly can see the point of the men make only because of today's feminism- its sounds whiney and entitled. What needs to happen is a shift in the way society conceptualizes gender and sexuality. If you realize they are just social constructed norms on both sides , you begin to realize that neither is a binary and that humans should be treated as humans, and thus their is no need for intimidation or unwillingness to understand "both" sides.What happened wasnt "female empowerment" it was censorship because their was a deeper unresolved issues.
  • [quote=welcometonarnia]my friend was raped on our highschool campus and he only suspended 2 wks[/quote] Really?!
  • [quote=welcometonarnia]their was a deeper unresolved issues.[/quote] I agree completely with this!
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    I probably didnt make complete sense, because I was angry at more than you @username. This whole thread, feminism and CA are whack tbh. I am usually less partial towards men, but I feel they never have a say. how can they even try to understand or even defend themselves to solve an issue. of course they are resentful of feminism when we continue to reply with hateful or pretentious comments that usually have not based on internal judgement.
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    There's a lot of contradictions there. A woman who's been sexually assaulted needs to stop acting like a victim, but we need to feel sorry for the poor men who are victims of feminism? It's not really fair to name call someone as being idiotic when they're communicating much clearer than you, and also hypocritical to decry the way these conversations can go hateful in such close vicinity to your own cheap, empty insults. Also as a former admin of CA, I can tell you that you all have *no idea* how necessary an aggressive stance against the harrassment of female members is. Really shitty things happened that shouldn't have happened.
  • there were contradictions because i wasnt being specific enough. i was ranting inconspicuously about too many things. i poorly stated what i meant because i was too angry. which is why i told username that it wasnt just her I was angry with. i was my views on actual sex. assault, today's feminism and the way the situation was handled. I apologize for sounding for any cruel words. I am sorry, I didnt articulate well enough. I still hold my beliefs, but I agree that my execution was poor.
  • I'd still disagree with the assertion that upholding a standard of conduct that does not allow for this sort of harassment is in any way perpetuating the identity of a victim. If the power men have is given by society, then in this little microcosm of a society that is the message board, the answer lies in taking away the power of the male posters to say and do this shit without consequence. It has nothing to do with the female posters, who they are or what they do. It has to do with actions being wrong and judged as such, and the acting party seeing those consequences.
  • im just not used to judging people so harshly on things that are wrong in the way slippi was wrong... as a 15 year old in Wisconsin i am surrounded by racial and sexual jokes that are often taken extremely lightly, especially by my black peers. i understand that because BCH felt misogynised a ban against slippi was within reason, but i feel like slippi is just acting like the friend that goes too far sometimes. he means well hes just a bit crazy! idk, im not arguing, just sharing the viewpoint of a young man in case anyone's interested
  • this whole situation has made me realize how far removed i am from political correctness as a teenager. i mean, if i posted some of the shit my friends say at sleepovers...
  • Because a man would know when something is misogynistic. Yeah. You should think more. may be annoying to you, straight white male, ^oh hoho wow! niiiiice! also i stand by what i said where a femme CAer said KILL YOURSELF to some poor guy and ho ho it's just a joke! just a VERY extreme joke and the guys even laughed at it or when they dogpile some poor guy and make them feel like shit my only hope is that carb bunk hell feels guilty for what she damn did (to me!) and that i will no longer be forever trapped in... CARB BUNK HELL!
  • i know it may be annoying to one such as yourself, oh gay black female!
  • @taphead I am definitely not saying "they" should say and do shit without consequences, but im mad that it has to be viewed as men vs. women at all. Its not passive of people's bs, if I choose not to cry "misogynism!" at every sexist comment and instead actually educate and find the reason behind their person's/groups errs before deciding to send them away at all. Yes, I understand if a person is relentless but I dont think thats the case. And ultimate closure of two-sided problem never works- on the internet or irl. Judging by the comments above, the way things are now on CA seem gender segregated, and things cant progress if that continues Of course you are obliged to take a stand when called for, but you shouldnt be soo charged by gender-politics when you do. View a situation wholistically because otherwise this thread happens. The Us vs. Them mentality isnt solving anything.
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    It's not a male vs female thing. This isn't attacking masculinity or any traits that are inherent to it. The only reason gender comes up at all in discussion of this harassment is that the targets of this harassment are chosen by gender. And I think you might be taking an overly general approach to this situation... do you honestly think it is possible to get this man to explain the reason behind why he does what he does. The answer to every one of his riddles is another riddle. It's an infinite nesting doll. Engaging with that is like a lifelong joker vs batman level commitment, and you really think it's fair to demand that of a person?
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