May 31st show Tuscon setlist

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Here is the setlist from the show last night. they rocked out. it was amazing. Chocolate sky ariel-bass (i don't know what that means, it was just written on the setlist) bh-bass daily ------ LH slipper fwx fright-bass bros ------- bleed house-high lion love to you all, and merci to the cool sound guy with the round glasses for the setlist!


  • wow... what a confusing setlist? Chocolate [girl] [what would i want] sky [song 4] ariel-bass (GUYS EYES) ... bh-bass [summertime clothes... BEAR HUG] daily (routine) ------ LH (leaf house) slipper (slippi! haha... slipper...) fwx (fireworks) fright-bass (almost frightened) bros (BROZE!) ------- bleed [BLEED!] house-high (MY GIRLS / material things) lion (in that coma) odd how they use some of the old names and some jokey / weird abbreviations... i remember in the past Purple Bottle was called Big Big Beat and they would just have it on the setlist as BBB there's a whole history of AC songs with old names / working titles... it can get all weird and confusing...
  • it buggers me up! inside...
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