Animal Collective needs to play Evolve Festival

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Since there is no e-mail to contact Animal Collective at, I hope you guys see this. I don't know if you have heard of Evolve Festival down in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, but it is one of the premier music events of the summer in all of North America. It is definitely Animal Collective's kind of place. I think people would drown in sheer ecstasy if you guys were willing to come play the festival. Jonas, the co-ordinator of the festival, is very interested in you guys playing and it would probably make my life, as a true fan and never getting a chance to see you guys yet. Just a thought though. If there is anyone else on this board who has been to Evolve before, shout out loud. And if members from the band see this, please think about it, it would be magical. Sincerely


  • Dave Portner, I read your interview with Pitchfork. You were talking about how you can feel unattached with the crowd at big festivals like Bonnaroo. If you considered coming to Evolve Festival next summer in July, the ambience would be otherworldly. The crowd is always ambient as an entity, and your guys' ambience would just put the crowd into the best place life could possibly hold. Like 2500 people just listening together, feeling together. The New Deal played this past year and it was just craziness. The year before, Battles, Man Man, and !!! played. I'm sure the Collective knows and loves some of this music. I don't want to sound like a crazed fan, I just think if you guys wanted the most ambient, intimate, mind expanding, feeling inducing, most amazing emotional trip ever, then get ready to evolve and come to Evolve Festival. PLease and Thank you. Sincerely, huge fan
  • rEVOLUTION the evil solution!
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