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Let's get some community thing going. Sadly the music quiz only ever had about 5 people answering or something like that. I'm willing to send some sweet prizes around if people other than myself wanna get involved. I got no idea what the gifts or competitions could be; ideas? Where is hateradio at btw?


  • 6 people answered the quiz, or maybe 7. I was wondering the same thing about hateradio! I will happily participate in whatever you instigate.
  • i enjoy participating.
  • Anyone got ideas?
  • Guess people's names! (hoho!)
  • i thought i was the only one wondering.
  • I already told Phantom mine, and it's on my blog, which is linked to through my profile, but y'all can still guess if you want to.
  • sounds fun. can we start with G.O.?
  • i already gave a REALLY obvious clue at one point ... to the point where there is no way someone would not have known... but i guess it got lost in the shuffle puck! plus i wanna see pics of what you all look like (but not me that'd ruin the mystique!)
  • I liked that quiz! I was Sung Tongs. Did you make that?
  • i already lost the name guessing game.
  • Yep my quiz.
  • I thought it was a solid quiz too. I got Feels.
  • MORE GAMES MORE GAMES!!! Phanthomy, make a game.
  • hahaha YES! I got Danse Manatee. I've been listening to that album heaps lately too.
  • The "We don't need deakin" made me lol. I got Spirit! Which is weird because I [size=85]haven't[/size] [size=50]heard it[/size] [size=45]shame washes over me[/size]
  • You haven't heard Spirit!! Really!? ITS ONE OF THEIR BEST ALBUMS! Listen to it nowww!
  • But but I need to hold it in my hands first! All I've heard is Chocolate Girl and it's my favorite song ever in the history of songhood.
  • You need to hear it yes you do! Its amazing really. Just be prepared for the strange noises at times. Its really beautiful though, what an emotional journey. I can't wait for you to hear it and tell us of the impact it had on you!
  • I own it and can tell you it isn't something to clean your house to. I need to find time to just listen to it. I do not have that kind of time or freedom. Right now. of course I could use the time I am spending on here answering all these posts. Maybe I'll go walking and listen to it.
  • I haven't heard all of Spirit or Danse Manatee or Campfire Songs, and I've never even heard any of Hollinndagain or the Indian.
  • get on the ball, GRIZZBEAR!
  • As soon as I get a bunch of itunes cards I'll be on it.
  • [quote="KidGrizzly"]I haven't heard all of Spirit or Danse Manatee or Campfire Songs, and I've never even heard any of Hollinndagain or the Indian.[/quote]
  • campfire songs: [url][/url] spirit: [url][/url] indian: [url][/url] there's a start.
  • do it kids, dooo iiiittt! I just tell myself its okay, because i'm going to buy it all on vinyl anyways (which is more expensive of course)!
  • I can't get myself to.
  • I won't make anymore games because they don't get enough participants, sorry.
  • <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( --> Try again, there are a million people on here now who like to answer posts!
  • I would enjoy a game very much!
  • Me too, I'm in.
  • Maybe later. I'm going home for the holidays so I won't be on for a bit.
  • and he never returned I WANNA PLAY A GAME...
  • and he never returned I WANNA PLAY A GAME...
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