This Man

I stumbled upon this website... I think one of my YouTube subscriptions made a video about it. It's very interesting. Be warned, it's very creepy and therefore I advise you not to view it when you're alone at night and there may or may not be someone standing behind you, watching you... haha, half of you just turned around. Anyway. [url][/url]


  • I am alone at night, but that is my only time to watch something by myself...i'm so curious, will it give me nightmares?! Should I just watch it anyways?!
  • Haha too late, have you already gone to it? It won't give you nightmares, I don't think.
  • I didn't go, I was too scared!!! I'll have to check it out tonight when i'm by my lonesome again. If I get nightmares, i'm going to..... them in the dreams thread....
  • Whew I thought that was going to be a threat. Good thing my school just showed a video about cyber bullying >:) It's honestly less creepy than interesting
  • hmm, I'm intrigued... We need more posts in the dream thread tigers so dream away!! I've been having dreams but they aren't so interesting and my recall has been a bit bad lately. I'm not so sure if I'll watch it. Deadfly! You aren't giving away anything and I'm not so sure I want to watch it! ... anyway...
  • It's not a video! It's a just a website! Eh whatever I'll just tell you what it is and you can choose to check it out. (no surprise -.-') It's about this guy, who everybody claims is in their dreams. Through a bunch of sketches done by the people who have dreamt him, they've made an image of him. No one knows who it is.
  • Right. I bet its a shared lucid dreamer who lucid dreams everynight and is really good at finding other lucid dreamers. I really hope I have a shared lucid dream one day - itd be so cool! The idea of it is absolutely crazy but aparently it happens all the time.
  • what?!? What is this shared lucid dream business???
  • This is so creepy. Well, I won't be getting any sleep tonight.
  • Shared lucid dreams is where two lucid dreamers have the same dream. They have the same conversation and the dreamers act the same way they would in real life in the shared dream. When they wake up they recall the exact same dream to each other - apparently. I haven't read much into it but its the two lucid dreamers brain waves communicating - telepathy. Its bizzare.
  • wow!! That's amazing!!! Do you know if you have to be near each other or if it can happen across seas or somethin!?
  • Not sure about that one. I have to read more about it really. But if you find out tell me yeah?
  • Did anybody actually visit the site? Like I didn't explain it well there's more info on there.
  • I did visit it and found it rather eerie. I've never seen him before.
  • Niether have I. But whoever he is he creeps me out and pops into my thoughts on the bus and makes me feel watched.
  • I went to the site - and the facebook page. He sure is very freaky looking - I would freak out if he popped up in my dreams..
  • for in those dreams what shall man succumb to!
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