what are some of these in your area? Around here we tend to say 'wicked good', 'wicked awesome', when describing something that is just that great. What about you?


  • I know in England they say 'well' as sort of substitute for the way you use wicked. But the year 9s at my school went through an awful phase where they'd say 'dardy' for cool. It was reallly annoying! My little sister use to say it and now she can't believe she ever did that. Its so stupid. (stereo)Typical aussie slang would be 'bloody ripper'. But I never hear anyone say that. haha
  • 'fixin' to' for 'about to' 'purt near' for almost 'Do what?' instead of 'pardon' I could go on, the South is rampant in its colloquialism coinage.
  • I just throw in a ton of 'Eh?'s
  • wizard! bloody 'ell! yeah sure you betcha!
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