Panda Bear Governors Island Discussion (here)

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Hey Peeps! I've been listening to the Primavera set non-stop and I am PUMPED to hear these great new tunes on Saturday. I particularly like 'Surfers Hymn' as well as 'Last Night at the Jetty'. Opening acts...Teengirl Fantasy & Gala Drop Anyone familiar with these folks? Worth seeing live? TGF's website has them listed as going on at 9pm. GD's website has them listed as going on at 10pm. Is it possible PB would go on as late as 11pm? I'm still trying to figure out what time to head to the show... Has anyone been to Govs Island shows before? Any tips for getting there or getting home? Their website says there's a Brooklyn ferry but I don't see any other info on it. Any ideas? Yea! Panda Bear!


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